HER experience


Our story. The women’s experience often goes unnoticed until victory has been claimed. The purpose of HER experience is to highlight the experience of a diverse group of women in different walks of life. This piece of writing will debut HER story  in a very real, raw and unapologetic fashion. I was inspired to do this series of writing because of the stories I’ve shared with those around me. I became anxious to explore the mind of the woman, the heart of a woman and the healing of the modern woman.

“She was powerful, not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly despite the fear.”- Atticus

Interviewing these women was not only inspiriting but enlightening. Understanding that the same situations that I found myself in as a woman can be shared with women across the nation, across the world. HER experience will be a series of writing that will allow different women to share their stories of the woman’s experience on topics that range from domestic violence, women in the workplace, entrepreneurship etc. All the topics we will discuss will be an open dialogue of the interviewee and a commentary written by me. My goal is to bridge the gap of sisterhood by creating a platform for women to share these very real and challenging stories and connect with one another through storytelling and healing.

I invite my queens from all walks of life to tune it this series and show your support for these very brave women. I am proud of this piece or work because I have an opportunity to share my own story with these women and give them an opportunity to dig deep into themselves because THEY matter. For that moment, these women are listened to, comforted and able to share freely without judgement and fear.

To the ladies who have helped with this project, my heart is forever grateful and indebted to you for being vulnerable and honest. Each one of you shared something special with me and I THANK YOU. I encourage you to continue talking, continue sharing and continue healing, our mission to sisterhood needs it.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion , some humor and some style.”-Maya Angelou



I can’t stress enough how beneficial meditation is. Going within has awarded me the opportunity to become one with my mind, body and spirit. I became interested in practicing meditation after a profound experience reading Elizabeth Gilberts “Eat Pray Love ” many moons ago. 


The book takes the reader on an exploration of identity as she dives deeper and deeper into her spirit all while traveling the world. She indulges herself in Italian culture drinking fine wines and basks in the life of stillness as she explores her true self.


Unaware of what meditation really was besides just sitting quiet, I became intrigued with her journey and figured it was worth a try. After many unsuccessful attempts at quieting the mind I became frustrated that this was even something I could do. That was just it… I was so deeply trying to control something that should be left to be free and effortless. In “thinking” about the process and repeating to myself “relax, stop thinking, you’re meditating,” thoughts kept coming up that held little relevance to the present moment.


Eventually it got easier. I let go more. I felt moments of freedom even if they didn’t last long I then knew it was possible and my interest continued to peak. 5 minutes of clear space gave my mind new and exciting places to play. 5 minutes turned to 10 minutes and so on and so forth. It became my go to for clarity and peace of mind.


Each experience showed me a new level of transformative healing. Things became clear, my mind less cluttered and my body relaxed. Some of the many mental and physical benefits of meditation include decreased stress levels, improvement in brain function, improve sleep patterns, decreased anxiety, helps with depression, emotional wellbeing and increased compassion for the world around you.


The benefits are endless and vary from person to person. However, the common denominator with all who practice meditation is the power and clarity that comes with the stillness.


If you would like to start practicing meditation I recommend you start using guided meditations that can either be found in your app store or search guided meditation on you tube. Find a quiet and still space and lay in a comfortable position, focus on your breath each inhale and exhale should be intentional as you melt into relaxation. The first few times might be difficult but keep practicing and always be patient with yourself and always stay focused on your breathing, inner peace awaits.

Mother’s Day 2017 

We are all pieces of someone else. Genetically modified to become the creation of two spirits conjoined to create. Your nose from him,your wit from her , genetically predisposed to filter through life. With pieces  of her past and hope for his future you maneuver your way down the birth canal and find solace in finally placing a face to the boisterous voice that you recognized immediately.

For 9 months she housed you. She relinquished her rights as a human being and created space safely within her for you and you only. You were with her every waking minute of the day. You felt her pain, chuckled a little when she ate pickles and kicked a few organs around when she tried sleeping on her stomach in the middle of the night. You made the perfect roommate. Always there with her , encouraging her and uplifting her as she slowly transforms into the woman who will become your first word and favorite smile . She is your mother. 

Happy mothers a day to the women in my life near and far. 
My mother had me at 15. A baby herself she set on a journey into motherhood , her best job yet. She hid her pregnancy for 6 months, her small frame allowed her to do this without my grandmother suspecting . I came just 2 days after the start of 1987 and our journey began! Just me, mom, grandma and my aunt Just the four of us, it felt like that was all I ever needed in life 
Today 30 years later this woman is more than just a mother. She is my best friend. We grew up together . We maneuvered through life the two of us with ambition to succeed. And we did it!! 

Today we empower one another , we vent to each other and my favorite past time , we stay making each other laugh!! I’ve held her up in times uncertain and she’s been my rock to lean on when things just seem to be falling apart! She gets me. She respects me . She likes me. She loves me . 

Happy Mother’s Day to the most beautiful soul to have ever walked this planet. To her strength, her big heart, her passion for helping others, her love for God , her love of family , her love of herself,her husband and children . Today is about you and all that you have created sustained and wished for. I love you 💕 

Cotton Candy Skies


I love the way the sun hides behind the clouds just right before sunset. The shadows and hues that catch the eye; astonishing, breathtaking yet oddly familiar.  No sunset like the last, each night we are awakened if only for a moment to the mysteries of the sky. With pink iridescent streaks dancing in an orange sea, the sun salutes us farewell,whispering “good day, many blessings, goodnight.

Mother sun shows her most beautiful side every evening, each night a new dance with the sky blue. She craves the attention of men and women, old and young flocking to the edges of the earth to witness her magnificence. First kisses, I Do’s, I love you’s, long walks, intimate moments, laughter, tears, thoughts, decisions all of which are thrown to the wind as the sky presents beauty, spiritual connection, peace of mind and comfort.

I love the way the sun hides behind the clouds just right before sunset. A finale to the day’s grief, stress, irritations and short comings.  A new day awaits as a new opportunity to create, to start anew, to be bold and be your own kind of beautiful. The journey commences even moments after the sunset but we must pay tribute to the beauty that dances in our skies each night.

Stop for a moment, smile at the sunset, say thank you, pause, breathe, take it all in and let it all out. These moments quickly pass us by and soon one sunset becomes less valuable and so goes the day to day grind. The days’ blend together in cyclical routine, and life so quickly passes us by. Enjoy the little moments. The moments of quiet, the flashes of time where you can just be YOU and breathe in that moment and let it take you. The next time the sun creeps behind the clouds right before sunset…as the most perfect shade of fuchsia traces itself into the blue…. as the orange bleeds its way out of the yellow sphere sitting perfectly in the center drifting softly out of sight, say thank you, say I love you, smile and press on. Get your dose of cotton candy skies.

Blacks in Business Feature: Loc Girls Rock

final ig logo


FOUNDER: Zenobia A. -Loc Queen turned Entrepreneur

WEBSITE: www.locgirlsrock.com

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/locdgirlsrock.com

INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/locgirlsrock  {@locgirlsrock}

Who are you? What inspired you to open your own business?

My name is Zenobia, founder of Loc Girls Rock. I was inspired to create Loc Girls Rock (LGR) because I wanted to spread positivity amongst the loc & natural hair community. When I was in the beginning stage of my loc journey, I looked to social media to connect with other women with locs. The loc-oriented IG pages I followed made me feel good about my decision to get locs.  As a result, I was motivated to create my own atmosphere where I could be the creator of joy. My hope was to create a supportive platform to inspire & empower black women with locs.


How was final ig logo born?

Loc Girls Rock was born on June 25, 2016 on Loc Appreciation day. How fitting is that!? I started an Instagram page which consisted of inspirational natural hair posts. As time progressed, I started featuring pictures of women with locs. I’m truly blessed because the Instagram page was well received and 10 months later, Loc Girls Rock has over 5,600 members. A natural hair enthusiast @ladynatrlmelanin said, “Thank you Loc Girls Rock so very much for helping all of us loc’d queens embrace our journey in such a powerful positive and ethereal way. The journey teaches us so much about our natural beautiful selves inner and out. We are loc’d and ascending spiritually, physically and mentally.”

What is final ig logomission vision and values?

The mission of Loc Girls Rock is to empower black women to rock their locs. LGR is committed to strengthening the natural hair movement by celebrating the culture & beauty of locs. There is a bias against black natural hair from the media, employers, and even men. The use of harmful chemicals and/or wearing weaves has become a norm for the black community. Therefore, this brand pays homage to women who have decided to embark upon the extraordinary journey of returning natural.

How has your loc journey been?

In the beginning, I struggled because I didn’t like how short my locs were. Once my locs started to mature, I was very happy with my decision to go natural. I felt so proud and confident to be rocking my own hair. It took me 27 years to stop wearing weaves and getting perms. Instead of concealing my hair, I am now embracing it. I am unrestricted and liberated. I recently celebrated my 2 year loc anniversary in January and I have to say I’m falling more & more in love with my locs each day. This experience has allowed me to honor my truth by embracing my authentic hair. I encourage everyone to embark upon the natural hair journey; it’s extraordinary and will transform your life. Going natural is an internal & external journey of self-discovery and love. That’s why I want the world to know why Loc Girls Rock!

Where do you hope to seefinal ig logo in 5 years?

In 5 years, I hope to see Loc Girls Rock flourishing by reaching at least 100k followers on social media. I’d like to collaborate with other natural hair supporters. All being well, Locgirlsrock.com will be a thriving online store, selling a vast amount of apparel and accessories. The LGR blog is going to be successful, providing great content for millions of readers. The sky is the limit so I’m open to anything and everything. Ultimately, I wish to continue to inspire black women with natural hair. I invite you all to follow the Loc Girls Rock Movement.

Any advice for those struggling to start a business?

Don’t give up. It is challenging but starting a business is a labor of love. You have to be committed and passionate about what you’re doing. Find platforms that coincide with your industry. Make Google and Youtube your best friend. Also, reach out to family and/or friends who can be of some service to you. The best advice I can give to struggling entrepreneurs is to stay in action. You’ll never know how much you can accomplish if you don’t put in the work. Action leads to results!

What’s the website and what will you be offering?

www.locgirlsrock.com provides loc inspiration and empowerment through fashion. Currently, we’re offering t-shirts but as we expand the catalog will grow. The Loc Girls Rock blog will explore the culture of locs and will be an inspirational tool to support the natural hair movement.

What legacy are you trying leave the world?

I want black women to embrace their natural hair. The social stigma against being black and natural has affected black women one way or another. My hope is to try to mend “the natural hair despair” by inspiring black women to rock their natural hair. Not only to wear it, but to own it. Love your kinks!

 What is your favorite empowerment statement for women around the world?

My favorite empowerment statement is from the book “Think & Grow Rich” by author Napoleon Hill; “No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.” This quote can be applied to many aspects in life therefore I’m to correlate this to natural hair phenomenon. The natural hair despair cannot defeat us unless we accept the defeat as a reality. Don’t let other people’s perception of beauty define yours. As a woman, it is so important for us to be devoted to nourishing our soul by honoring our truth. Love and embrace yourself even in the face of non- acceptance or criticism. We are beautiful and courageous beings so remember to never give up on your dreams and stay true to who you are. ~~Your Loc Queen Zenobia


I chose this Black Owned business to feature because the movement speaks to me. My natural hair journey began in 2012 (wow it’s been 5 years!! Sheesh) and has been quiet the adventure. Seeing a beautiful Black Queen follow her passion by creating a business that fits HER was inspiring on so many levels. She saw a niche and created a lane of her own. Yes, men and women have been wearing various versions of locs for years but the movement has gone overlooked. Zenobia created an avenue of business that is not focused on sales but EMPOWERMENT. Uplifting women throughout their journey has just been an added bonus. Her Instagram page is full of women on their own individual loc journey, inspiring natural hair quotes that she creates herself, as well as news outlets and controversy surrounding the loc and natural hair community. It has been such a pleasure to see LGR grow and flourish the way it has. Zenobia’s vision, hard work and countless hours has been well received.  The Loc community has embraced LGR with open arms and loving Locs as she ventures into merchandise developing and sales.  I cant wait to see the heights that LGR goes!! LGR will be a huge success because it was born from a passion, created with peace and honored with extreme purpose.

To get with the movement please add @locgirslrock on instagram and tell them we sent you!



Lately I’ve been seeing this phenomenon a lot in my world. I’ll get up on an off day to go to the kitchen and there is 11:11 on the stove clock. I’ll get in my car to head to the gym and my clock will say 11:11. At work in between massage sessions ill check my phone and bam 11:11. At first it was a little spooky that MANY times throughout my week this number would surface, then after a few days it became fun and each time I would just smile at the Universe.

Back in the day (and possibly now) seeing 11:11 on any clock prompted everyone to stop for a second and make a quick wish. I probably did this a lot in high school however I don’t remember seeing it all that often and the wishes damn sure didn’t come true.

There is no definitive explanation for this clockwork phenomenon so I’ll just break it down to what it means and has meant to ME over the last month.

The last maybe 45 days has been, rough for the lack of a better phrase. It was just insane from beginning to end. My home life became chaotic and as I faced yet another huge decision in my life and things were just all over the place in all aspects of my life.  Turning 30 and entering a new year proved to be against me during these first few months. Then, I got my mind right. I meditated, prayed, cried, talked my girls ears off and finally in the midst of the storm I made a decision and felt content about it. This is when the 11:11 phenomenon began.

“Synchronicity is an inexplicable and profoundly meaningful coincidence that stirs the soul and offers a glimpse of one’s destiny “ – Phil Cousineau

Some and when I say some I mean MANY will argue that this is just a chance sighting. Okay I’ll take that due to the fact that numbers are all around us in EVERYTHING we do.  Others will say it’s happening due to predisposition meaning you have a predisposed relationship to that number ex; it is your favorite number or a number that has some important significance to your life.  The other reason is acceleration. You may have seen this number once or twice, maybe even three times and each time your mind wondered what it meant, this in turn create an attraction to the number and it begins to show up more.

I’ve taken the synchronicity approach. Seeing this number many times over the last month or so got me really thinking.  I’ve done some research on numerology which I love. Numerology is much like astrology as it takes your birthdate and adds the numbers and gives you a “life path” number. Mine just so happens be either 11 or broken down fully a 2 (1+3+1+9+8+7=29=2+9=11 and 1+1=2.) with my life path number being 11 (or 2) this caught my attention. In my experience 11 is assign of balance. A sign that you are opening yourself to a higher consciousness and spiritual path. A spiritual awakening where you come further into WHO you are and shed old habits of who you WERE. It’s a sign to WAKE UP! To stop, breath and thank you Universe for the cosmic pat on the back that you’re doing everything you need to at this moment. It has also been known to be a sign for new beginnings, manifestation and positivity.

Whatever description you buy into or believe is your choice to make. I just know that for ME I take it as the universe telling me that I’m on the right path and things will get easier. If that small glimpse of hope on the clock continues to be a positive sign to me then I hope it continues. And if you notice little synchronizations in your day just smile and thank God, the Universe or whoever for that moment in time, for it is PRICELESS!

Book Review: Mandala of Being


“The Mandala of Being”- Discovering the Power of Awareness

Written by Richard Moss

I Initially purchased this book after hearing about it from an instructor during my massage program while attending healing hands school of holistic health.

The class was chakra balancing and on the first day the instructor brought in books that she thought would be beneficial  on our own healing journey while trying to facilitate healing for our clients. She passed the book around and after a quick thumbing through I knew I had to get this book.

I began reading the book April 22,2015 and quite frankly didn’t get very far. I reluctantly forced myself to piece together this knowledge that was so foreign to me at the time.

Richard moss is one of the most important teachers of transformational knowledge” -Marianne Williamson

I read maybe 1 chapter and quietly placed the book back on the shelf to revisit at a later date. I just wasn’t ready for the lesson he was providing at this very busy and transforming time in my own life.

Fast forward 2 years and many changes later I found the book while unpacking when I moved to Atlanta Georgia. Somehow this time it called to me. I placed it on my bedside table and waited for the right time to try it yet again.  December 2016 is when my journey within began and my own power of awareness began to strengthen with each page turned.

Our earliest relationship to ourselves


“It is often a TRUTH of human relationships that our early psychology betrays us: we engage in relationships in ways that only partially express our true selves. As a result, the relationships we create tend to be manifestations of where we have lost contact with ourselves.”

“When we bring to another person something innately authentic and whole within us-‘no matter how vulnerable we may feel-we create a space of relationship that…enhances our knowledge of ourselves in ways that help us to heal our old wounds because it also blesses us with greater recognition of who we really are.” Page 6

Who are we really


“Our individual consciousness determines what we are able to perceive, how we interpret our perceptions, what we value and make meaningful, and ultimately how we act.” Page 23

“It is so obvious, yet so ineffable, that most of us spend our whole lives in “default” mode, presuming our self-existence through identification with our bodies, our thinking, and our feelings instead of realizing our true authority.” Page 36

The power of awareness


“We exercise the power of awareness and strengthen our spiritual muscle by bringing ourselves, over and over and sin, into the immediate present, to do so we must become present with what we are feeling and thinking. “page 41

“We must be truly willing to experience our feelings and clearly see out thoughts without reaction, allowing the moment to be exactly as it is without defending ourselves against these feelings and thoughts, without our minds moving away into further thought.” Page 43


The above-mentioned quotes come directly from the reading. As an active reader (one who highlights, underlines and makes little notes to myself while reading) these are quotes of information that spoke directly to me at the time. The power of open understanding plays a huge role in the concepts mentioned throughout the reading.

The power of awareness in my experience is seen through the cultivated and mastered relationship with self. Developing a relationship with one’s true self devoid of any stories of the past or worry of the future, places you at the exact moment presence and clear understanding.

I’ve used the exercises in his book to gain further understanding of my true self and the stores I’ve told myself in the past about who I am, how I should react and how I should feel at any given moment. He highlights that our memories are those that hold us in a particular “holding environment” that keeps us inadvertently “stuck” and continuing to react from the same places of hurt, disappointment which encapsulates our true selves into a cycle of self-destruction. By reconnecting with the breath as he explains. The journey through this timeless read has been rewarding, challenging and furthermore liberating from past experiences that have come to the surface. Each moment we have in this life we have to power to CHOOSE what reaction to have to certain situations. By staying connected to the breath and repeating either silently or out loud “here I am” one can always return to the center of self and slow the reaction time.

“The word mandala comes from ancient Sanskrit and means circle … the circle represents the intrinsic wholeness of the self, which naturally sustains within itself the fundamental tensions of opposing forces, such as chaos and order, masculinity and femininity. ” Richard Moss

“The mandala of being reminds us that inherent in being human are the forces that distract who we really are from the calm of who we can be. Richard moss’s formula for coming back to the present is a process we can all achieve.” –Anthony Robbins





“Let’s talk about stress baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be, let’s talk about Stress!!”

We’ve all felt it, we’ve all dealt with it, we’ve all came to it, got through it and prepared ourselves for the next bought of stress that looms behind every corner.

According to the American Institute of stress, (yes there is actually an institute catered to the study of STRESS) the effects of stress go much deeper than most even realize. Some effects include; depression, heart attack, stroke, hypertension and immune system dysfunction and overall lessened quality of life. Today’s society we wake up to stress, sit in traffic on the way to work and the stress begins to grow, next is work and all the fun that comes with dealing with multiple personalities. As the day commences stress levels rise and fall just as much as hunger does.

When human beings become stressed many systems of the body suffer. Each system works in conjunction with the other to create a balance within the body. Each system of the body has its own response and its own “stress language” that allows us to either ignore what our bodies are communicating or tend to our bodies and bring them back to homeostasis. According to www.stressorg. The effects of stress are as follows! Pay attention and notice areas that you may recognize so you can make a change going forward!

The Nervous System: Upon the onset of a “stress trigger” the body immediately goes into “fight or flight” response. The body sees an oncoming threat and prepares to either RUN (flight) or get ready to defend (fight).  Energy sources are shifted and the body is triggered to release the stress hormone or cortisol and adrenaline. As these hormones circulate within the body the physiological effects include increased heart rate, raising blood pressure, changes within digestion and raised glucose levels. Once the body is in a sympathetic nervous system (stressed state) the body then triggers these hormones which help direct all of the blood away from distant limbs (arms and legs) into the center core to “protect” the organs from a “stressful situation” or perceived danger.

The Muscoskeletal System:   As the stress trigger continues, the body physically manifests the stress by tensing the muscles. Wherever your body holds its stress, (example; many people hold their stress in their necks and shoulders or low back etc) this becomes the first area that tenses up and can cause immediate headaches or migraines and physical pain.

The Respiratory System: Stress can impact the respiratory system in major ways. For those with respiratory concerns such as Asthma or COPD, this can be the first line of defense and manifests as shortness of breath and constricted airways. Breathing can become labored and immediate attention should be administered if it persists otherwise can potentially cause panic attacks.

The Cardiovascular System:  Acute levels of stress such as running late for work or being late for an event, can cause temporary increases in heart rate as well as perspiration. Long term cardiovascular effects of ongoing stress become much more serious when dealing with the heart. Hypertension, which is the rate at which the blood flows in and out of the heart, increases which puts you at risk for heart attack or stroke. Also, increased inflammation within the heart muscle can occur. This increased stored inflammation can interrupt how the heart contracts blood in and out for distribution to the rest of the body.

The Endocrine System: this includes the pineal gland, pituitary gland, pancreas, ovaries, testes, thyroid gland, parathyroid glad and adrenal glands. Pretty much all of the glands that secrete hormones within the body.  When a stress trigger is noted the brain sends a signal to the adrenal cortex (sits on top of kidneys) which produce cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for many factors in the body including blood sugar levels, regulation or metabolism, reduce inflammation and blood pressure. This “stress hormone” can have a dire effect on the body as a whole.

The Gastrointestinal System: This includes the esophagus (tube that connects the throat to the stomach) the stomach, and the small and large intestines. When under severe or acute stress we either over eat or under eat. Over eating foods that are nutrient deficient can cause acid reflux and heartburn and digestion usually slows down.  The stomach can experience intense gnawing pain or nausea that can lead to vomiting which can also aid in the breakdown of the esophagus tissue lining.

Now that you have an idea of what stress can and WILL do to the body, try to focus inward the next time you feel stress. Try to understand how YOU’RE body manifests stress, where things may hurt, how your body reacts etc. In doing this you will be able to minimize the amount of stress you allow into your life.  To help combat stressful situations it is very important to re connect with your breathing and staying present.  Stress can literally kill, and even though there isn’t a formal diagnosis for being “overly stressed” however it is one that is the most deadly and medically unrecognized sicknesses to date. Understanding your body when it feels good is extremely important just as well as understanding it when it does not. Do not let stress steal your day today or any day for that matter!!

Stay Focused


We live in society that allows us instant access to the world at our finger tips. This can be a beautiful thing as we are quickly exposed to differing cultures, people in all walks of life and a lifestyle unlike our own, but we so eager want to be a part of, so we click follow and our worlds intertwine. This can be a rewarding occurrence as well as one that can be beginning of a demise.  Social media has provided us countless hours of entertainment but has also given us a peak into an idealistic reality that we strive to become.

It becomes difficult trying to differentiate what we have vs what “they” have. We compare our lives, our journey, our pictures, or posts to current online trends and furthermore get lost in the shuffle of new updates or the current hashtag trend. I say all of this to say, don’t worry about what everyone else is doing! Don’t focus on what they said they’ll do or won’t do, it’s just noise. Always focus on what YOU are doing and honoring YOUR word, YOUR journey, YOUR life.

Where we place our focus is key. Yes, social media is great for entertainment and business but that’s where it needs to stay. Basing our lives on what so and so is doing, or how they present themselves online is a battle we will never be able to master.  It’s a blessing to be able to share in the lives of close friends and family but the biggest blessing is to be able to be happy and content with your own journey without comparing it to the facades online.

Staying focused and in your own lane is a major key to happiness and success. In doing so you learn to appreciate all that you’ve been able to accomplish and all that you hope to accomplish. Rolling with the punches, staying present and flexible, you are guaranteed to increase your quality of life just by staying in line with YOU. Life gets irritating, it pulls you every which way but being able to adapt is key!! Just do what you have to do, don’t stress and don’t worry about others and you’ll be so much happier!! Focusing on your goals you have set and aiming to reach them is your focus. Not everyone experiences life the way you do so don’t sweat it!!

10 ways to check yo’self



I find it necessary to do a self-evaluation every few weeks, months and every few years. I do this to evaluate whether I’m on track to reaching my goals as well as growing in the direction I need to to reach said goals.  Roaming through life without really checking in with one’s self is a recipe for self-destruction. Just think of it as  GPS or a road map. When driving to an unknown destination it is important to pull up the map to get complete directions on how to get there. It is also important not only to listen to the prompts but to glance at the map every so often to make sure you are on track. Your life should be no different.

If you are anything like me, you tend to keep a busy schedule.  With work, clients, a home to tend to and a developing business, it’s so easy to get lost in your schedule. Getting lost in “stuff” can easily take you away from your true purpose in life. My life’s mission is to continue to evolve in all areas of my life. It’s important for me NOT to get stuck in my ways that may be detrimental to my growth. I know many that can relate but very few that really look at their reflection with intentions to grow.

Growth often pushes and pulls us in directions that more than likely create an extremely uncomfortable environment. Relationships will suffer, anger may come easier than normal and creativity will likely be halted. These are all signs that your spirit is ready to transcend  beyond what it is used to. You my friend are ready to GROW!!  Here are some questions and writing prompts I use to help get my thoughts in order and in so many words, CHECK myself! Hope you find them helpful and insightful as you go through your journey!! do this daily or weekly whatever suits you! Make this writing prompt fun and try to be as objective as possible and be completely honest!! Happy Journaling!!

1.Did I pay attention to the people around me?

2.Am I stuck on a bad yesterday?

3.Did I work on my character today?

4.Did I work on my habits?

5.Did I allow anger to consume me today?

6.Did I exercise today?

7.Did I show signs of suffrage or strength today?

8 . Did I tell myself I love myself and my life and what it’s become ?

9.What possibilities did I create today?

10.What is standing in my way for THIS moment to the next moment of possibility?