Passion for Pink ATL

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Pink explosion as you walk into the auditorium of Bunche Middle School here in Atlanta Georgia. Focused on involving the surrounding community in order to raise awareness, Kieran has done a phenomenal job at putting the event together. Her first annual Passion for pink wig and fashion show was created and birthed by her to provide resources for cancer patients and survivors mainly custom style wigs!


In speaking with Kieran I was interested in attending her  event due to me losing my own great grandmother to the disease, I knew I had to show support.

Kieran began her journey 3 years ago when she asked god for a sign , for direction on how she can be of service using her talents as a stylist and cosmetologist. The answer came to her and her journey began. Wigs for all ages is her company and one of her many goals is to create a non profit organization that caters to cancer patients from all walks of life.

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Passion for Pink was held at Bunche Middle School in Atlanta Georgia. The auditorium draped in pink hues and ribbons galore , her dream became reality right before her eyes.  With cancer survivors as the models , each woman had a chance to pick a custom wig unit to rock on the runway.  Various colors, cuts and styles each woman had her moment to shine.



Each section of the fashion show featured looks and acts that coordinated with each handmade wig unit. Kieran made sure to cover all bases with her “after 5” look, her “casual day to day ” look and lastly her “formal” style wig units. Each wig unit cut and colored for a custom fit.

The women came and doted their favorite wig unit and boasting personality as they took the stage. Walking to songs by Mary j. Blige, and Destiny’s Child “Survivor ” these women made those of us in the audience feel strong and overall EMPOWERED just by their strength!

Between looks Kieran invited local artists alike to grace the stage with hit songs , dance performers and singing groups. Baby harmony stole the show with her bite sized performance and boisterous sound she made the crowd go wild as she danced to her hit songs making us all smile and dance along.  The CM bandits took the stage next and all that can be said about this dynamic dancing duo is #blackboyjoy. Focused and determined, dancers of the group played off of each other dancing to hit songs giving us Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Usher all in one !

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D.a.n pharaoh came next with conscious rap Lyrics to make you dance and make you think. His stage presence was hype and his message was clear! During the 20 min intermission, guests were encouraged to step out into the lobby to shop with some amazing local vendors that I’ll highlight later. The guests were serenaded  by the sweet soothing sounds of Minister Tatum from Ernest Tatum Ministries.

All the way from Savannah Ga, group Powermove Ent took to the stage with their hit songs that got the crowd ready for the rest of the show!

To close out the show lastly we have The collaboration of Gs  a mixed male rnb group from atlanta Ga . Dressed in all white suits and pink bow ties these men worked the stage and serenaded the women of the front row!



Fusion scents by Chan, homemade custom soy  candles with scents to make you salivate. Also offering room sprays , sachets and more to come . The Fusion scents table was always busy with shoppers amazed at how great they smell. She offers a wide range of scents including Frankincense, Apple lavender, Lemons by the pound ,Berry much, Eucalyptus ,Vanilla buttercream, Cinnaville and  Me pumpkin. My personal favorites LEMON BY THE POUND (Warning makes you salivate …heavily) BERRY MUCH (Warning do not eat no matter how good it smells) and VANILLA BUTTERCREAM (warning makes the home smell and feel like fall.) Chan makes each candle by hand and even does bulk orders for events like weddings and baby shower favors. Check out her Instagram a @fusionscents


Think Trendy Boutique came to slay as she brought in custom pieces and various fashionable items for purchase. Jeans , Screen Tees, dresses , pan African items she had it all and was ready to style you if needed!!


Other vendors include boutiques catered to the movement. Everything pink , everything for the girly girl and everything for a great cause. A women who made a hobby and living making DIY items ranging from angel wings made from cardboard and re-purposed wine bottles! Her creativity shined through and amazed me in how much detail went into her items!

Everyone came out to support a very real movement a very real fight. Sister of the host and proclaimed fitness trainer, Kesha of Protege Fitness (@ protege.phiitness) kept us in tune and laughing as she was the perfect MC.  With all the fun she made sure to include a segment where she highlighted the severity and serious nature of this disease so many are fighting. Balloons scattered through the audience in what seemed like a random order was actually a visual of just how many women and men get breast cancer each year. Currently the statistic is 1 in every 8 women (balloons) will get the disease and 1 in every 1000 men. The odds are working against us and she was diligent in expressing the baby benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle . This isn’t just what you eat and how active you are , it is about  what you put ON your body , the thoughts you think , how you process stress and ultimately how you live life. Being healthy has to be a lifestyle, has to be a lifelong commitment to providing homeostasis within the body.


All in all the turn out, the message , the vision came together in beautiful synchronicity. I love that it was a community effort and you can hear the passion In Kieran’s voice as she expressed to us her reason behind the  event. She expressed that she wanted to help and simply asked God how she can use her talents for good, and voila Passion for Pink Atl was born. I can’t wait to see the heights that Passion for Pink Atl goes to , to see how many women she’s going to help how many women she’s going to save just because she made them FEEL good about themselves. Above all else self love is the only way one can fight such a rigorous fight. To my ladies of the evening … I honor you.



**To order your very own custom wig unit please email

all units are custom made to order and can be shipped.


Folding a Fitted Sheet #adulting


Adulting. The cycle we all love to hate. The dreaded Sunday evening haul to make yourself somewhat presentable to the world for Mondays commute of madness. This has become the experience of young adults that so casually yet abruptly transitioned from 21-year-old party goer, a sleepless soul who ate what she wanted, slept when she could and mixed alcohols because that’s what she felt like doing. Responsibilities included doing what you wanted why because the world was your oyster wherever fun was you followed because adventures is what your young heart craved.

Today… things are a tad a different. And when I say tad I use it LIGHTLY. Life came fast. And it came with so many lessons, so many teachable moments, moments that hurt, moments that heal moments that challenge your very existence. And then you exhale and do it all again the next day. Fast forward BOOM you’re 30 And mixing alcohols sounds about as fun as chewing penicillin. Sleep… well sleep is your very favorite past time and eating what you want comes with hours if not days of heartburn, gas and bloating. Cheese, must stay away from cheese, especially Queso dip.

This life you settled into so comfortably uncomfortable and made it somewhat of your own. Aside from the 40 hours a week you spend plugging away in a building, at a desk then getting off and sitting in some form of traffic forgetting why you even do this daily, it just gets done, you on auto pilot living this thing called life.

Millennials. The generation literally too legit to quit. Usually born in the mid to late 80s into the 90s the millennials are characterized by older counter parts as nothing else but spoiled SMART little brats. We are the tech age. The age of   new and innovative ideas and talent that has opened so many doors in the advancement of technology.  As revolutionary as we have become and our ideas becoming widely accepted there are just a few more things we’d like to revolutionize for the sole purpose of better job performance and better quality of life.

The forty-hour work week– Originally moved down from 48 hours per week, Henry Ford took the huge leap to change the work week to 40 hours, this was in 1914… it’s time for a change.  Spending the same 40 hours a week in the same place is enough to make you go crazy, allowing for flexibility in the work week such as offering a remote option will help break up the monotony and let’s face it us millennials enjoy being on the go, we enjoy the freedom to create to be innovative, hell to be free from the confinements of a building you know you’re not going to retire from.

Nap time- Why oh why did we get rid of this. You are born taking naps LITERALLY for the first 5-6 years of your life, these coincidently are the same years in which your brain and motor skills develop the MOST. Yet as we age, naps are striped from us as we are left to face 10-15-hour days left only to survive on coffee to stay up and sleeping pills to finally go to sleep, and the cycle continues.
These are just two examples of the millennial life. The world moves and shakes in ways that often we see more advancements in technology than the human experience. WE ARE the human experience and its okay to alter the way things “have always been done” to meet the needs of the society.  We are free spirited, strong willed, open minded and opinionated. We are getting involved in our communities, standing up for what is right (shout out to Colin Kap!) and we are transforming the way the things are done, the way things are seen the easy things are FELT. We are the generation of minds that have transformed the lives of many through innovative ideas and execution.  Even though adulting becomes hard some days, easy others and a twilight zone the next, through it all we remain resilient in our fight to change the world.!!! WE CAN DO IT!!!


Product Review: Emotional Balance Mist Spray


This all natural emotional wellness product was sent to me from Instagram user @skybluedaystudio. She creates and markets products specific to women’s wellness. In the package were two beautiful bottles of mixtures that I had no idea would change my own emotional wellness. The first was a crafted pillow spray to be used before bed and to be used directly on your pillow! The second bottle was an emotional wellness spray that can be used at any time, so I kept that one in my purse, like my phone it went with me EVERYWHERE!

I began using the products on the eve of my cycle. As women we know that this time of the month is proven to be far more emotional, unsettling and a borderline depressive state that we slip into with little relief we try to face the days ahead with a smile.

I made it a habit to spray the mist on the back of my neck and my chest and placed a little under my nostrils to reap the benefits all day long. As the day went on I found myself to be much more calm, grounded and joyous. The blend of essential oils she used create the perfect synergistic effect for the emotional woman. I found myself going back to my purse throughout the day to re create this blissful feeling! Her scents are uplifting revitalizing and subtle which I love because as a Massage Therapist I have to be careful with overpowering scents when working on  sensitive clients. The spray definitely helped me feel refreshed revitalized and ready to take on more!

The pillow spray was amazing!! A few pumps on my pillow before bed and REM sleep awaits. After a few nights I was able to fall asleep fast and stay asleep a lot longer. I am prone to waking in the middle of the night for bathroom runs or impromptu Instagram scrolling so being able to really sleep through the entire night was quite impressive.

My overall experience with her spray was a positive and uplifting one. My favorite aspect of them is how grounded I feel when I use them. Just now sitting in Starbucks I sprayed what little I have left and sense of calm came over me and things started to slow down in a good way!

The case is cute and simple and fits perfect in a purse or satchel and almost looks like a lipstick case!! If you are a woman or know a woman that could use some emotional balance throughout her day please check out  her instagram @skybluedaystudio for orders! Wholesale options available as well.

Healthy Healing to all.


To order your very own emotional wellness mist



Blacks in Business Review: Sunshine Reigns

sunshine reigns profife logo

Feature: Sunshine Reigns

Anais Delights

Owner:   Sheree F. dba Sunshine Reigns


Instagram: @sunshine_reigns



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What inspired you to open your own business?

I like to make people happy and feel better. I like to make it so that’s is easy for them to accomplish that feeling. Most of us don’t get pampered because we feel like we don’t have the time.  Sunshine Reigns represents all of that, I am a happy bubbly person. “I reign over hair!!”

Tell me a little about Anais Delights your beauty and skin care line?

Well, Anais is my daughters middle name and I added delights.


What is the Sunshine Reigns mission, vision and values?

At Sunshine Reigns, our mission statement is that we take the stress out of relaxing. Our vision is to create an environment where you can unwind. If you’re on the go in Atlanta we can bring everything you love about the spa right to your hotel room or doorstep. We strive to provide a head to toe experience with soothing sensations and relaxation as our main focus continuously providing even the busiest person to be pampered when your precious time is essential. From the super mom to the business traveler we are here to help you refine, relax and REIGN.  Our values   every woman should be pampered and treated like a Queen, we provide a spa atmosphere with everything a Queen needs to relax, refine and REIGN right to her door. We enable queens to relax on THEIR terms without the stress. Queen, let me help you refine, relax and REIGN.

How did you come up with the unique names for your body butter and beauty items?

I tend to name the body butters after iconic black women in the fashion industry. So far, I have used Grace Jones, Josephine Baker and Billie Holiday. Others I plan on using; I can see an Eartha Kitt scent, I can also see a Michelle Obama or a Rihanna scent, they might not seem as though they are fashion icons but they are definitely in their own right, definitely Rihanna. As far as my men’s line is concerned I’ve been working on a few men’s fragrances and the only name that I have come up with is the NUMBER 44 and that of course is for Mr. Obama our former President.  Our names are fun and designed to give you a sense of what that fragrance is going to give you.  Our Eartha Kitt is a spicy flavor, she’s a spicy type of lady, our Billie Holiday is smooth, soft and womanly and our Josephine is a sexy and “here I am” type of scent. We have a three pack to purchase to test all fragrances available as well.



What inspired you to create your own beauty line?

I’ve bene inspired to create my own beauty line because I like to work with my hands! I like to make something out of nothing and… “Butters just feel good and smell good! I’m a libra and I like things that make you feel good, make you feel pretty and girly so why not share that with other people.”

Where do you hope to see Sunshine Reigns in 5 years?

I hope to have hit that 20k mark on my Instagram, I hope to have a few ideas in my mind now in motion by then. I hope that I will be a pillar in the community I have a few ideas of things I would like to do in the community as my way of giving back. As always, I hope to be providing people with a way to relax and a way to unwind {and experience} that healing that Sunshine Reigns is, whether it’s a smile or a hug or a “hello gorgeous!” or a new hairdo or a bath bomb that helps you relax, I hope that in some way I was a part of helping to heal you either inside or out.


Advice for those struggling to start a business?

“Keep going!” that’s the best advice I have for anyone up and coming. If you’re doing great “KEEP GOING” if you’re doing bad “KEEP GOING;” if you’re frustrated “KEEP GOING!” If you are motivated Keep going!! If you are unmet motivated “keep going” it doesn’t matter where you’re at in business the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep going. No matter what I you are putting in effort and you’re trying, it has nothing else to do but to succeed. If you tell the Universe what you want and you act upon it and you diligently work towards your goal and you keep going the Universe will always bless you.

Who has been your mentor during the development of both brands?

Unfortunately, right now I can’t say that I have a true mentor, but I have a group of women (Boss besties) that help me to stay motivated and people I can cultivate ideas with. It’s amazing to have a team of awesome of women behind me that make me feel great about being a “mompreneur” in this game. One of my friends is Ebony Knight her Instagram @therealebonyknight, she’s been an amazing person when it comes to keeping me motivated spiritually, she’s a comedian she keeps me happy and keeps me laughing. My Go to person for any questions (I call her my google) Is Shaniqua Dasher, she helped me get my etsy page up and running. She runs her own etsy shop selling tutus’ and also runs a Nonprofit organization where she works with kids, she’s a teacher she’s an author, an all-around BAD ASS CHICK, please follow at @dashercreations.

The other woman that keeps me motivated and pumped is Kelz. Kelz is an all-around rock star!! She does it all!! Kelz really does it all from modeling, to selling clothes, fashion design to reality TV among her many talents. Kelz is the woman in my life that allows me to look at what I’m doing and think I’ve taken on a lot but when I see her I’m not doing enough because she always has her hand in something! Please follow at @whoiskelz_


What do you offer on the sunshine reigns website.

My website is a Hodge podge of ways to connect with me via Instagram or Facebook, you can also see work that I’m doing, you can see different projects I’m working on as well as specials I’m running. You can also book a service with me whether it be for nails, hair or a concierge service or you can purchase bath products there as well, your one stop shop everything Sunshine.

What legacy are you trying to leave the world?

Wow! Great Question! If anything, I want to leave behind a bit of a smile or happiness off a piece of ME! My kids are my legacy, they are everything that I hope is better within the world. I hope to provide them with a way to do what makes THEM happy because THIS makes me TRULY happy! Seeing a person come in with low self-esteem because their hair looks bad or maybe having a bad day whatever the case may be, after spending time with me they leave with pep in their step and a SMILE. THAT’S my legacy!! When you look at your life ten to twenty years from now, reminiscing, looking at pictures I will still be a part of those pictures! I want you to look at your hair and know that “sunshine used to rock my hair!!” or “wow I’ve been rocking with Sunshine 20-30 year!” I want my legacy to be “My hair is timeless” You become a walking billboard, a walking mode, a walking piece of art so no matter what you should always look good!!”

What is your favorite empowerment quote for women around the world.

Marianne McWilliamson although has been quoted my Nelson Mandela but it actually originates from a woman which makes it even better!!

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually. Who are you NOT to be? You are a child of God. You playing small does NOT serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in EVERYONE. And as we let our own light shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

(Sunshine) This quote makes me feel like as long as you are shining as bright as you possibly can and doing more than you possibly can and being EVERYTHING you can be, everyone around you becomes greater as well and if we all shine as bright as we possibly  can we can’t help but to make the world a little bit greater ,a little bit happier and  a little brighter! That’s what Sunshine Reigns stands for, just trying to make things a little bit better.

Blog Review 

When I met Sunshine, her magnetic energy took me by surprise however I should’ve known with her eclectic style and eagerness to steer clear of societal norms. Sunshine greets you with a smile, cracks a joke to make you laugh, calls you beautiful just because and makes sure you know her and her business within minutes. Her energy, magnetic.  Before me was a woman with passion, a woman with a vision, a woman with a plan. Cosmetologist by day and product developer by dawn, Sunshine has crafted a brand in a league of its own. I was first introduced to the Anais Delights brand first as a sample. With stimulating scents and carefully crafted recipes, this Queen has set out to be your one stop shop to Relax, Refine and Reign.

After sampling some of her bath bombs, hand scrubs and body butters I decided on a butter and began impatiently waiting for my very own Anais Delights Body Butter. My skin yearned for moisture as the seasons changed, this Cali girls skin care regimen could not stand the test of Georgia’s fierce winter temperatures. I’ve lived with eczema my entire life and the winters can be difficult to treat it. My skin on my arms and back of my legs often goes dry, extremely itchy and uncomfortable. I am left with scarring to remind me of the days of my childhood where scratching became meditative almost trance like, I did anything to make the itch go away. I tried a sample of the body butter and instantly my skin was refreshed and immediately moisturized all without an oily build up. I continued use of the butter over the next few days and the redness drastically improved and I felt human again!  I noted my results and made sure to tell Sunshine and this inspired her to make a body butter that caters to eczema sufferers. When she says Queen crafted she means it. She was able to come up with a recipe that was powerful in protecting my skin through the harsh winter months and got me through until spring when my skin finally started to clear.  I hate to think what my skin would look like had I not met Sunshine. I can only be grateful that I met a woman of her caliber that loves her people just as much as I do.

The Sunshine Reigns brand is your full-service spa, be it mobile or in a spa location. Hair, nails, mini massages, bath and body care and most of all FUN. When you get Sunshine you get creativity, laughter, knowledge, ideas and did I mention laughter. You get the perfect environment to escape the anxiety of the day, the stress of the world and be pampered by a Queen!  I can’t wait to stock up on body butter for this coming winter and her bath scrub is AMAZING as well, the two go hand in hand for me when treating my eczema and overall skin care needs.  As always, her products are Queen crafted, for a Queen by a Queen, let Sunshine help you relax refine and REIGN.

#sunshinereigns  #sunshinereignsspa #everythinggrowswithalilsunshine #anaisdelights #queencrafted

The next time you are looking for a special gift just because or looking to switch things make sure to contact @sunshinereigns for your very own personalized salon treatment today!

If you’re interested in sampling some of her unique skin care products check out (promo code TKRAY) for free gift!


Product Review: Vegan Bath Bombs

Business: @Blissfulpeace_massage

Product: Homemade Vegan Bath Bombs w/ H erbal Infusion


Roses, plumeria, lavender and another flower from another field I’d adventured before. These are the scents that flood my bathroom as I soak in what might be the best bath I’ve ever had (aside from that whirlpool in Vegas but this isn’t about that!) I knew that whenever I decided to put this bad boy to use that I wanted it to be nice and special, a moment just for me.  My first and only goal was to really get lost in my senses, relax and breathe. These bath bombs were hand crafted by the beautiful Dee of @blissfulpeace-massage. A massage therapist by trade, Dee has found her passion in product making and distribution and her products do just that, send you into blissful peace!

Back to this amazing bath!

I ran the water and as instructed I casually dropped the bath bomb in and watched it fizz to the top. Bubbles rushed to the surface and seconds later a beautiful aroma overcame the bathroom, as it continued to dissolve the anticipation grew. I quickly grabbed my wine, my book and hopped in. Burned myself a little but finally settled in and I melted. My skin drank the water and its contents and was satisfied, quenched and moisturized and this is all with me still BEING in the bath! Usually you reap the rewards of bath products after the fact but this experience left me soaking far longer than usual.

I suffer from dry skin, namely eczema which causes the skin to itch and becomes extremely dry in inclement weather. This bath made my skin so soft and supple that even as I got out and dried off, my skin was left moisturized, heavily hydrated and my skin felt firmer and tighter yet not at all dry!! Normally after a bath I have to go thru a regimen of natural oils to restore the moisture to my skin after showering, with this amazing bath bomb I didn’t have to!! Not only was I relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep but the bath bomb really enhanced my bath experience thereby enhancing my me time making it that more special.  Dee is really on to something with her natural homemade products, she has a brand that continues to deliver quality to the masses as she continues to bless us one bath at a time!



****To order contact Dee @blissfulpeace-massage, wholesale options available.***



When was the last time you actually sat and dreamed about what you want your life to look like? When was the last time you fulfilled a dream you’ve always wanted?? I pose these questions to get your mind going. I encourage you to understand that your dreams are attainable so start dreaming!

As an adult, I’ve found that it is much easier to just get caught up in the day to day hustle often forgetting the dreams you held as a child. Donald Trump had a dream. The connotation of “dreaming” often allows us to venture into our childhood and predict what our lives will be like without really living life and understanding what that even means, but we dreamt anyways. We dreamt of becoming famous singers, our name in lights. We dreamt of becoming doctors, and discovering a cure for cancer. We dreamt of being business men and women in the corner office downtown overlooking the city. We dreamt big and we dreamt long. Our dreams had no limits, no hesitations and no doubt that they wouldn’t come true. We dreamt on levels higher than God himself. We could see it, feel it, touch it, it was ours and it was beautiful.

So, what’s stopping you now? What’s stopping the child dreamer in you from reaching heights that you once could see, feel and touch. How did adulthood silence that little person in you who wanted so much but had no idea how to get it, you just knew it would be yours. How did your innate ability as an adult who is capable of decision making and who is capable of conflict resolution keep you from reaching your fullest potential as a human being?  We learned to think for ourselves, and somewhere down the line our thinking quickly became a prison that kept us from dreaming.

Today I challenge you to dream. I challenge you to dream BIG, to dream in COLOR and dram without LIMITS. IF money weren’t an option what business would you start? What new skills would you learn? What would your dream home look like? What smells would be floating through the kitchen? What would that dream vacation look like? Where would it be? With whom? I encourage you to write your answers down in a place you can see daily and keep your mind focused on those dreams until they become reality. The law of attraction through the studies of Abraham Hicks (check it out on YouTube) tells us that the Universe WANTS to be faithful to us, it WANTS to provide you with everything you DESIRE. Sounds easy, right?!well sort of. Your only responsibility is that you must keep your mind and your energy on the same wavelength as if you already have what you seek. In a nut shell if you want that shiny new car, and everything you think about is that car, the trips you’ll take, how much you’ll put as the down payment, what it will FEEL like driving it etc. these are all points of contact that activate positive energy vibrations within the universe and the universe will see that and match it and your dream will come to light.  I urge you to write out your desires in all areas of your life including finances, health, career, social life, travel and retirement and post them of the fridge or somewhere visible and can be viewed daily. Every 3 months add to or re vamp your desires and check to see if the last 3 months helped you reach your goals if so, great keep going!!! If not work to challenge yourself this next three months to live your life according to those dreams adding to or taking out anything that does not serve you purpose, it’s your life and YOU DESERVE IT.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” C.S Lewis

Spa Retreat ATL 2017


Candace Holyfield. Say her name. Best known as @queenofmassageatl and @sixfigurespachick on the ever so popular Instagram, has created an empire by way of spa technique, business coaching and social media marketing. Having moved to Atlanta just 2 years ago with a dream of going beyond the norm by creating a lane of her own, Candace is literally and figuratively Killing the game. Massage therapist by trade, Candace spends most of her days researching, educating and coaching the members of her self- titled group, the “Spa Boss Tribe.” This is a group of women who sign up to be coached with Candace on a more personal level. With weekly spa -calls, informative e-books, one- on- one coaching and access to all of her same resources, Candace sets her Spa Chicks in motion for greatness. She uses platforms like Instagram, Periscope, Twitter, Snap chat AND hosts events throughout the year that cater to her tribe. These events include the Spa Awards hosted in December and the Spa Retreat usually in the summer. This year the Spa retreat was held at Le Meridean Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.



Day one of the Spa Retreat hosted at the beautiful and stylish Le Meridean Hotel. Friday July 21 30 spa and business professionals from all over the country spanning from Texas, New jersey, Philadelphia and Washington state, all arrived for a hosted bar and meet and greet with pool party to follow. The ladies were welcomed to each of their rooms with a bottle of wine, a weekend agenda and select treats from participating vendors.  Next up, pool time. The ladies dressed in their favorite bikinis, monokinis and tankinis and headed down to the resort style pool to soak in the sun, spa coaching and fun!! She began by getting everyone warmed up by taking pictures and allowing the other Spa boss tribe members to meet, laugh and share. She held a poolside class first allowing each attendee an opportunity to give a 30 second elevator pitch for your business, she was able to critique and give pointers. This allowed each person to know exactly who is who and know what they do. Many have been following each other on social media and have never met, this event allowed these beautiful souls to come together. Candace later discussed the importance of being a business owner and how imperative it is to have your credit repaired if needed. She offered resources and her personal help for anyone in need.   Not only did everyone get to meet and connect but Candace planned for all the ladies to attend the movie premier for the movie “Girls trip,” a movie that was so apropos to the energy of the retreat.  After the movie, the women were brought back to the hotel where @wombtherapist educated the ladies on womb health and provided vaginal steams (V-Steam) to anyone who was interested! The rest of the evening was spent catering to the tired ladies by giving them complementary massages as well as technique training. The ladies laughed, shared, uplifted and connected and this was just day one. Bring on day Two!

DAY TWO is where the fun really begins

After spending the evening in, the ladies got a chance to get outdoors and have some fun. 8 am call time, Candace brought in Make up artist @bhasslooks to get the ladies right for a promotional photo shoot to follow. With an all black attire the ladies each had a chance to get a promotional head shot taken for their own keeping as well as participate in group shots to be utilized for social media marketing in the future! Next the ladies changed into all white attire and slayed the next shots with an outdoor background. The ladies looked stunning in both looks! When I say stunning imagine beautiful brown skin the glows, with smiles that could kill and hustle like no other. Ladies and Gentlemen, I Present the SPA BOSS TRIBE.

image1 (2)

The afternoon commenced and Candace worked it out to have speakers and other business professionals come and give their time and energy into educating and dropping knowledge on the ladies. She also had classes available for the women to sign up for that included reflexology, a product making class and wholesale product class all for the benefit of the retreat members to take advantage of by networking or purchasing for their own businesses. The Spa retreat was your one stop shop if you’re a business or spa professional. @blissfullpeace_massage hosted a class explaining the benefits of wholesaling products and gave live audience testers highlighting how incredible her products feel and how they benefit the skins elasticity, tone in so many ways. Her glowing melanin was example enough of how amazing her products are!!


image1 (1)

First speaker Isaiah Fowler best known as @mrstartswithavision, blessed the crowd with his cut throat understanding to building your business and reaching your target market. He dropped gem after gem after gem resulting in a writing frenzy amongst the crowd. My pen could not move fast enough for the amount of knowledge he instilled and the creativity he inspired as I sat there listening, writing, absorbing. Within the first 10 minutes he inspired me to dream big enough, set bigger goals and my favorite, “stop giving discounts!” He then went into his specialty which is helping businesses utilize platforms such as Facebook ads and podcasting to reach a higher clientele and different demographic. His message was clear, his business plan streamlined yet evolving everyday with the times, @mrstartswithavision  left us with so much we could all benefit from. The most important piece I took from him was to “Increase my value, be firm and that people respect boundaries” in business these are tools that we all need to become familiar with and Isaiah just has that way of bringing that out.

image1 (3)

Five minute bathroom break and we’re back for more! Second speaker was business owner and author Tara Seales who is also owner and operator of Body Décor boutique. Tara graced the crowd with her vibrant personality and incredible fashion sense as she dressed in her own boutiques T-shirt that read “my 3 Favorite Positions CEO, FOUNDER, BOSS”  with an image of a black woman with natural hair and red bottoms on!(which i purchased)! In her ears  “secure the bag” handmade wooden earrings! The woman came to bring IT and she brought it and then some by blessing us with so much laughter, truth and motivation. She spoke about her new book, “Bossy is as Bossy Does- The 5 Keys That Open Doors,”which highlights the importance of checking in with yourself daily, hell hourly if needed, to ensure you and your needs are being taken care of.  She encourages you to be selfish and “bossy” all at once and the only way that will happen is being true to yourself. Her book has interactive sections where you (the Boss) can write your thoughts, ideas, inspirations etc. It is perfect for on the go or if you’re anything like me, your go to bedside table book for those sleepless nights. Each page provides an inspiring idea that will take you and your business to new heights.


Last speaker of the evening, the beautifully spirited @drmarilynjohnson. Offering a holistic approach to beauty, Marilyn has been in the skin care industry for many years and now offers soul coaching as an addition to her growing business. She began her portion of the evening by having everyone in the room stand up and do stretch exercises as well as deep breathing and energy drawing work along with a few moments to self-wrapped in a hug of your own arms. She showered us with her energy, warm spirit, smooth undertone and captivating smile. Dr. Marilyn was the vessel that allowed for an over flow of self-love and understanding. She went on to explain the importance of understanding health and wellness, as well as grasping the concepts while taking a holistic approach to treating from the inside out.  She offers a service “49 days to fabulous” which per her Instagram offers tools that transform trauma into terrific mind body and spirit and money. Overall Dr. Marilyn’s energy was nothing like anything I’ve experienced. She was not only beautiful but intelligent, well rounded and extremely funny! The Spa Boss tribe is complete with a spirit  and body of work such as hers, she is a great edition to the powerful women that make up the tribe. Salute.


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Just saying her name my mouth is watering. I say this to highlight the fact that CHEF DISA NEVER DISAPPOINTS. Ive been to a few events where Chef Disa was the official caterer and I can attest that her warm demeanor is a bonus to the delicious food she prepares and sets up herself at these events. Todays menu was sushi, salad, macaroni and cheese, chicken skewers, spinach and artichoke dip (YUM!) a strawberry and cream dessert. Each item was served hot and ready and she stood by humbled by the feedback. My personal favorite is the spinach dip, it is easily the BEST spinach dip I have ever had(and I’ve had A LOT) then there’s the chicken skewers, oh and the mac n cheese ! well as you can see Chef Disa comes to serve up love joy and foodie happiness!

image1 (8)


After the ladies had a chance to eat and mingle and stew in the new information Candace gathered everyone downstairs to the hotel lobby. We sat on one side as Candace sat in the middle cross legged, paper in hand knowledge ready to be dropped. She went on to discuss the moves on the Spa boss tribe in the next year. Unfortunately I cannot disclose the details of the moves being made but trust that they are MAJOR.  Candace goes on to talk about different streams of income that can be created just using social media. She went heavily into content and creativity when it comes to posts. She swears by her mantra “ Every picture should make you some money on Instagram!” Candace has a very real approach to business coaching. She is straight to the point and gains the respect of her tribe based on her honesty and how hard she works for you as long as she sees you working. Author of countless eBooks, business coach to many and social media marketing goddess, Candace leads her tribe to the finish line with business after business being born and victory after victory being celebrated!



Day two evening was spent with more technique training and relaxation massages for the women in need. Candace gave a one on one with those who had specific questions or needed feedback on an idea. She always makes herself available to her tribe especially if there’s a business or marketing idea on the table.  Today was the last day and Candace asked everyone to meet downstairs in the hotel restaurant for her long awaited “Hashtag class!”  the ladies gathered around for breakfast with their notepads ready for more!  This class is everything. She highlights how easy it is to market yourself to a different demographic just by opening your page to new hashtags. This is one of the first concepts Candace goes over when you purchase her year of coaching. She does an Instagram audit and helps you to better market yourself or your product using the appropriate hashtags. This allows you to reach more which in turn helps you grow your following, and more followers equals more money to be made!! It’s a system and #IT WORKS!!


My experience at the Spa Retreat ATL was none other than amazing. As promised, Candace delivered so much content, so much knowledge, so much motivation and so much positive energy that everyone left feeling like a BOSS. My experience in the Spa boss tribe has been welcoming and warm. Every woman who is in the tribe wants to support you, your vision, your brand. We become advocates for each other and promote for each other regularly. The retreat allowed for women to connect on a personal level, it allowed an open space for sharing the struggles of following a dream. We supported each other and even though we all come from different walks of life, that weekend, we were a family. I can’t speak for anyone else but I left with a fire in my heart. My notebook filled with idea after idea and inspiring quotes! I left feeling ready to take on my own dream and make it happen for myself.  If you haven’t already please follow all of the women mentioned above and watch their evolution from business women to BOSS women. It was my pleasure to write about and attend an event that was so well put together and left everyone satisfied. Stay tuned for her next event December 2016!!

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THank you Candace  and all the ladies of the Spa Boss Tribe.




HER experience


Our story. The women’s experience often goes unnoticed until victory has been claimed. The purpose of HER experience is to highlight the experience of a diverse group of women in different walks of life. This piece of writing will debut HER story  in a very real, raw and unapologetic fashion. I was inspired to do this series of writing because of the stories I’ve shared with those around me. I became anxious to explore the mind of the woman, the heart of a woman and the healing of the modern woman.

“She was powerful, not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly despite the fear.”- Atticus

Interviewing these women was not only inspiriting but enlightening. Understanding that the same situations that I found myself in as a woman can be shared with women across the nation, across the world. HER experience will be a series of writing that will allow different women to share their stories of the woman’s experience on topics that range from domestic violence, women in the workplace, entrepreneurship etc. All the topics we will discuss will be an open dialogue of the interviewee and a commentary written by me. My goal is to bridge the gap of sisterhood by creating a platform for women to share these very real and challenging stories and connect with one another through storytelling and healing.

I invite my queens from all walks of life to tune it this series and show your support for these very brave women. I am proud of this piece or work because I have an opportunity to share my own story with these women and give them an opportunity to dig deep into themselves because THEY matter. For that moment, these women are listened to, comforted and able to share freely without judgement and fear.

To the ladies who have helped with this project, my heart is forever grateful and indebted to you for being vulnerable and honest. Each one of you shared something special with me and I THANK YOU. I encourage you to continue talking, continue sharing and continue healing, our mission to sisterhood needs it.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion , some humor and some style.”-Maya Angelou



I can’t stress enough how beneficial meditation is. Going within has awarded me the opportunity to become one with my mind, body and spirit. I became interested in practicing meditation after a profound experience reading Elizabeth Gilberts “Eat Pray Love ” many moons ago. 


The book takes the reader on an exploration of identity as she dives deeper and deeper into her spirit all while traveling the world. She indulges herself in Italian culture drinking fine wines and basks in the life of stillness as she explores her true self.


Unaware of what meditation really was besides just sitting quiet, I became intrigued with her journey and figured it was worth a try. After many unsuccessful attempts at quieting the mind I became frustrated that this was even something I could do. That was just it… I was so deeply trying to control something that should be left to be free and effortless. In “thinking” about the process and repeating to myself “relax, stop thinking, you’re meditating,” thoughts kept coming up that held little relevance to the present moment.


Eventually it got easier. I let go more. I felt moments of freedom even if they didn’t last long I then knew it was possible and my interest continued to peak. 5 minutes of clear space gave my mind new and exciting places to play. 5 minutes turned to 10 minutes and so on and so forth. It became my go to for clarity and peace of mind.


Each experience showed me a new level of transformative healing. Things became clear, my mind less cluttered and my body relaxed. Some of the many mental and physical benefits of meditation include decreased stress levels, improvement in brain function, improve sleep patterns, decreased anxiety, helps with depression, emotional wellbeing and increased compassion for the world around you.


The benefits are endless and vary from person to person. However, the common denominator with all who practice meditation is the power and clarity that comes with the stillness.


If you would like to start practicing meditation I recommend you start using guided meditations that can either be found in your app store or search guided meditation on you tube. Find a quiet and still space and lay in a comfortable position, focus on your breath each inhale and exhale should be intentional as you melt into relaxation. The first few times might be difficult but keep practicing and always be patient with yourself and always stay focused on your breathing, inner peace awaits.

Mother’s Day 2017 

We are all pieces of someone else. Genetically modified to become the creation of two spirits conjoined to create. Your nose from him,your wit from her , genetically predisposed to filter through life. With pieces  of her past and hope for his future you maneuver your way down the birth canal and find solace in finally placing a face to the boisterous voice that you recognized immediately.

For 9 months she housed you. She relinquished her rights as a human being and created space safely within her for you and you only. You were with her every waking minute of the day. You felt her pain, chuckled a little when she ate pickles and kicked a few organs around when she tried sleeping on her stomach in the middle of the night. You made the perfect roommate. Always there with her , encouraging her and uplifting her as she slowly transforms into the woman who will become your first word and favorite smile . She is your mother. 

Happy mothers a day to the women in my life near and far. 
My mother had me at 15. A baby herself she set on a journey into motherhood , her best job yet. She hid her pregnancy for 6 months, her small frame allowed her to do this without my grandmother suspecting . I came just 2 days after the start of 1987 and our journey began! Just me, mom, grandma and my aunt Just the four of us, it felt like that was all I ever needed in life 
Today 30 years later this woman is more than just a mother. She is my best friend. We grew up together . We maneuvered through life the two of us with ambition to succeed. And we did it!! 

Today we empower one another , we vent to each other and my favorite past time , we stay making each other laugh!! I’ve held her up in times uncertain and she’s been my rock to lean on when things just seem to be falling apart! She gets me. She respects me . She likes me. She loves me . 

Happy Mother’s Day to the most beautiful soul to have ever walked this planet. To her strength, her big heart, her passion for helping others, her love for God , her love of family , her love of herself,her husband and children . Today is about you and all that you have created sustained and wished for. I love you 💕