Product Review: Emotional Balance Mist Spray


This all natural emotional wellness product was sent to me from Instagram user @skybluedaystudio. She creates and markets products specific to women’s wellness. In the package were two beautiful bottles of mixtures that I had no idea would change my own emotional wellness. The first was a crafted pillow spray to be used before bed and to be used directly on your pillow! The second bottle was an emotional wellness spray that can be used at any time, so I kept that one in my purse, like my phone it went with me EVERYWHERE!

I began using the products on the eve of my cycle. As women we know that this time of the month is proven to be far more emotional, unsettling and a borderline depressive state that we slip into with little relief we try to face the days ahead with a smile.

I made it a habit to spray the mist on the back of my neck and my chest and placed a little under my nostrils to reap the benefits all day long. As the day went on I found myself to be much more calm, grounded and joyous. The blend of essential oils she used create the perfect synergistic effect for the emotional woman. I found myself going back to my purse throughout the day to re create this blissful feeling! Her scents are uplifting revitalizing and subtle which I love because as a Massage Therapist I have to be careful with overpowering scents when working on  sensitive clients. The spray definitely helped me feel refreshed revitalized and ready to take on more!

The pillow spray was amazing!! A few pumps on my pillow before bed and REM sleep awaits. After a few nights I was able to fall asleep fast and stay asleep a lot longer. I am prone to waking in the middle of the night for bathroom runs or impromptu Instagram scrolling so being able to really sleep through the entire night was quite impressive.

My overall experience with her spray was a positive and uplifting one. My favorite aspect of them is how grounded I feel when I use them. Just now sitting in Starbucks I sprayed what little I have left and sense of calm came over me and things started to slow down in a good way!

The case is cute and simple and fits perfect in a purse or satchel and almost looks like a lipstick case!! If you are a woman or know a woman that could use some emotional balance throughout her day please check out  her instagram @skybluedaystudio for orders! Wholesale options available as well.

Healthy Healing to all.


To order your very own emotional wellness mist



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