Product Review: Vegan Bath Bombs

Business: @Blissfulpeace_massage

Product: Homemade Vegan Bath Bombs w/ H erbal Infusion


Roses, plumeria, lavender and another flower from another field I’d adventured before. These are the scents that flood my bathroom as I soak in what might be the best bath I’ve ever had (aside from that whirlpool in Vegas but this isn’t about that!) I knew that whenever I decided to put this bad boy to use that I wanted it to be nice and special, a moment just for me.  My first and only goal was to really get lost in my senses, relax and breathe. These bath bombs were hand crafted by the beautiful Dee of @blissfulpeace-massage. A massage therapist by trade, Dee has found her passion in product making and distribution and her products do just that, send you into blissful peace!

Back to this amazing bath!

I ran the water and as instructed I casually dropped the bath bomb in and watched it fizz to the top. Bubbles rushed to the surface and seconds later a beautiful aroma overcame the bathroom, as it continued to dissolve the anticipation grew. I quickly grabbed my wine, my book and hopped in. Burned myself a little but finally settled in and I melted. My skin drank the water and its contents and was satisfied, quenched and moisturized and this is all with me still BEING in the bath! Usually you reap the rewards of bath products after the fact but this experience left me soaking far longer than usual.

I suffer from dry skin, namely eczema which causes the skin to itch and becomes extremely dry in inclement weather. This bath made my skin so soft and supple that even as I got out and dried off, my skin was left moisturized, heavily hydrated and my skin felt firmer and tighter yet not at all dry!! Normally after a bath I have to go thru a regimen of natural oils to restore the moisture to my skin after showering, with this amazing bath bomb I didn’t have to!! Not only was I relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep but the bath bomb really enhanced my bath experience thereby enhancing my me time making it that more special.  Dee is really on to something with her natural homemade products, she has a brand that continues to deliver quality to the masses as she continues to bless us one bath at a time!



****To order contact Dee @blissfulpeace-massage, wholesale options available.***

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