When was the last time you actually sat and dreamed about what you want your life to look like? When was the last time you fulfilled a dream you’ve always wanted?? I pose these questions to get your mind going. I encourage you to understand that your dreams are attainable so start dreaming!

As an adult, I’ve found that it is much easier to just get caught up in the day to day hustle often forgetting the dreams you held as a child. Donald Trump had a dream. The connotation of “dreaming” often allows us to venture into our childhood and predict what our lives will be like without really living life and understanding what that even means, but we dreamt anyways. We dreamt of becoming famous singers, our name in lights. We dreamt of becoming doctors, and discovering a cure for cancer. We dreamt of being business men and women in the corner office downtown overlooking the city. We dreamt big and we dreamt long. Our dreams had no limits, no hesitations and no doubt that they wouldn’t come true. We dreamt on levels higher than God himself. We could see it, feel it, touch it, it was ours and it was beautiful.

So, what’s stopping you now? What’s stopping the child dreamer in you from reaching heights that you once could see, feel and touch. How did adulthood silence that little person in you who wanted so much but had no idea how to get it, you just knew it would be yours. How did your innate ability as an adult who is capable of decision making and who is capable of conflict resolution keep you from reaching your fullest potential as a human being?  We learned to think for ourselves, and somewhere down the line our thinking quickly became a prison that kept us from dreaming.

Today I challenge you to dream. I challenge you to dream BIG, to dream in COLOR and dram without LIMITS. IF money weren’t an option what business would you start? What new skills would you learn? What would your dream home look like? What smells would be floating through the kitchen? What would that dream vacation look like? Where would it be? With whom? I encourage you to write your answers down in a place you can see daily and keep your mind focused on those dreams until they become reality. The law of attraction through the studies of Abraham Hicks (check it out on YouTube) tells us that the Universe WANTS to be faithful to us, it WANTS to provide you with everything you DESIRE. Sounds easy, right?!well sort of. Your only responsibility is that you must keep your mind and your energy on the same wavelength as if you already have what you seek. In a nut shell if you want that shiny new car, and everything you think about is that car, the trips you’ll take, how much you’ll put as the down payment, what it will FEEL like driving it etc. these are all points of contact that activate positive energy vibrations within the universe and the universe will see that and match it and your dream will come to light.  I urge you to write out your desires in all areas of your life including finances, health, career, social life, travel and retirement and post them of the fridge or somewhere visible and can be viewed daily. Every 3 months add to or re vamp your desires and check to see if the last 3 months helped you reach your goals if so, great keep going!!! If not work to challenge yourself this next three months to live your life according to those dreams adding to or taking out anything that does not serve you purpose, it’s your life and YOU DESERVE IT.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” C.S Lewis

2 thoughts on “Dream

  1. Dachillest1 says:

    Awesomeness! This is the absolute epitome of what we teach in the business and the household alike. I am super pleased with the mindset you have developed and continue to expand upon. I love to dream build and continue to revamp those dreams as we manifest them into goals then into reality! Please continue to use this platform to reach those that are in need of inspiration and to those that step out and chase those dreams.
    Love you

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