Spa Retreat ATL 2017


Candace Holyfield. Say her name. Best known as @queenofmassageatl and @sixfigurespachick on the ever so popular Instagram, has created an empire by way of spa technique, business coaching and social media marketing. Having moved to Atlanta just 2 years ago with a dream of going beyond the norm by creating a lane of her own, Candace is literally and figuratively Killing the game. Massage therapist by trade, Candace spends most of her days researching, educating and coaching the members of her self- titled group, the “Spa Boss Tribe.” This is a group of women who sign up to be coached with Candace on a more personal level. With weekly spa -calls, informative e-books, one- on- one coaching and access to all of her same resources, Candace sets her Spa Chicks in motion for greatness. She uses platforms like Instagram, Periscope, Twitter, Snap chat AND hosts events throughout the year that cater to her tribe. These events include the Spa Awards hosted in December and the Spa Retreat usually in the summer. This year the Spa retreat was held at Le Meridean Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.



Day one of the Spa Retreat hosted at the beautiful and stylish Le Meridean Hotel. Friday July 21 30 spa and business professionals from all over the country spanning from Texas, New jersey, Philadelphia and Washington state, all arrived for a hosted bar and meet and greet with pool party to follow. The ladies were welcomed to each of their rooms with a bottle of wine, a weekend agenda and select treats from participating vendors.  Next up, pool time. The ladies dressed in their favorite bikinis, monokinis and tankinis and headed down to the resort style pool to soak in the sun, spa coaching and fun!! She began by getting everyone warmed up by taking pictures and allowing the other Spa boss tribe members to meet, laugh and share. She held a poolside class first allowing each attendee an opportunity to give a 30 second elevator pitch for your business, she was able to critique and give pointers. This allowed each person to know exactly who is who and know what they do. Many have been following each other on social media and have never met, this event allowed these beautiful souls to come together. Candace later discussed the importance of being a business owner and how imperative it is to have your credit repaired if needed. She offered resources and her personal help for anyone in need.   Not only did everyone get to meet and connect but Candace planned for all the ladies to attend the movie premier for the movie “Girls trip,” a movie that was so apropos to the energy of the retreat.  After the movie, the women were brought back to the hotel where @wombtherapist educated the ladies on womb health and provided vaginal steams (V-Steam) to anyone who was interested! The rest of the evening was spent catering to the tired ladies by giving them complementary massages as well as technique training. The ladies laughed, shared, uplifted and connected and this was just day one. Bring on day Two!

DAY TWO is where the fun really begins

After spending the evening in, the ladies got a chance to get outdoors and have some fun. 8 am call time, Candace brought in Make up artist @bhasslooks to get the ladies right for a promotional photo shoot to follow. With an all black attire the ladies each had a chance to get a promotional head shot taken for their own keeping as well as participate in group shots to be utilized for social media marketing in the future! Next the ladies changed into all white attire and slayed the next shots with an outdoor background. The ladies looked stunning in both looks! When I say stunning imagine beautiful brown skin the glows, with smiles that could kill and hustle like no other. Ladies and Gentlemen, I Present the SPA BOSS TRIBE.

image1 (2)

The afternoon commenced and Candace worked it out to have speakers and other business professionals come and give their time and energy into educating and dropping knowledge on the ladies. She also had classes available for the women to sign up for that included reflexology, a product making class and wholesale product class all for the benefit of the retreat members to take advantage of by networking or purchasing for their own businesses. The Spa retreat was your one stop shop if you’re a business or spa professional. @blissfullpeace_massage hosted a class explaining the benefits of wholesaling products and gave live audience testers highlighting how incredible her products feel and how they benefit the skins elasticity, tone in so many ways. Her glowing melanin was example enough of how amazing her products are!!


image1 (1)

First speaker Isaiah Fowler best known as @mrstartswithavision, blessed the crowd with his cut throat understanding to building your business and reaching your target market. He dropped gem after gem after gem resulting in a writing frenzy amongst the crowd. My pen could not move fast enough for the amount of knowledge he instilled and the creativity he inspired as I sat there listening, writing, absorbing. Within the first 10 minutes he inspired me to dream big enough, set bigger goals and my favorite, “stop giving discounts!” He then went into his specialty which is helping businesses utilize platforms such as Facebook ads and podcasting to reach a higher clientele and different demographic. His message was clear, his business plan streamlined yet evolving everyday with the times, @mrstartswithavision  left us with so much we could all benefit from. The most important piece I took from him was to “Increase my value, be firm and that people respect boundaries” in business these are tools that we all need to become familiar with and Isaiah just has that way of bringing that out.

image1 (3)

Five minute bathroom break and we’re back for more! Second speaker was business owner and author Tara Seales who is also owner and operator of Body Décor boutique. Tara graced the crowd with her vibrant personality and incredible fashion sense as she dressed in her own boutiques T-shirt that read “my 3 Favorite Positions CEO, FOUNDER, BOSS”  with an image of a black woman with natural hair and red bottoms on!(which i purchased)! In her ears  “secure the bag” handmade wooden earrings! The woman came to bring IT and she brought it and then some by blessing us with so much laughter, truth and motivation. She spoke about her new book, “Bossy is as Bossy Does- The 5 Keys That Open Doors,”which highlights the importance of checking in with yourself daily, hell hourly if needed, to ensure you and your needs are being taken care of.  She encourages you to be selfish and “bossy” all at once and the only way that will happen is being true to yourself. Her book has interactive sections where you (the Boss) can write your thoughts, ideas, inspirations etc. It is perfect for on the go or if you’re anything like me, your go to bedside table book for those sleepless nights. Each page provides an inspiring idea that will take you and your business to new heights.


Last speaker of the evening, the beautifully spirited @drmarilynjohnson. Offering a holistic approach to beauty, Marilyn has been in the skin care industry for many years and now offers soul coaching as an addition to her growing business. She began her portion of the evening by having everyone in the room stand up and do stretch exercises as well as deep breathing and energy drawing work along with a few moments to self-wrapped in a hug of your own arms. She showered us with her energy, warm spirit, smooth undertone and captivating smile. Dr. Marilyn was the vessel that allowed for an over flow of self-love and understanding. She went on to explain the importance of understanding health and wellness, as well as grasping the concepts while taking a holistic approach to treating from the inside out.  She offers a service “49 days to fabulous” which per her Instagram offers tools that transform trauma into terrific mind body and spirit and money. Overall Dr. Marilyn’s energy was nothing like anything I’ve experienced. She was not only beautiful but intelligent, well rounded and extremely funny! The Spa Boss tribe is complete with a spirit  and body of work such as hers, she is a great edition to the powerful women that make up the tribe. Salute.


image1 (6)

Just saying her name my mouth is watering. I say this to highlight the fact that CHEF DISA NEVER DISAPPOINTS. Ive been to a few events where Chef Disa was the official caterer and I can attest that her warm demeanor is a bonus to the delicious food she prepares and sets up herself at these events. Todays menu was sushi, salad, macaroni and cheese, chicken skewers, spinach and artichoke dip (YUM!) a strawberry and cream dessert. Each item was served hot and ready and she stood by humbled by the feedback. My personal favorite is the spinach dip, it is easily the BEST spinach dip I have ever had(and I’ve had A LOT) then there’s the chicken skewers, oh and the mac n cheese ! well as you can see Chef Disa comes to serve up love joy and foodie happiness!

image1 (8)


After the ladies had a chance to eat and mingle and stew in the new information Candace gathered everyone downstairs to the hotel lobby. We sat on one side as Candace sat in the middle cross legged, paper in hand knowledge ready to be dropped. She went on to discuss the moves on the Spa boss tribe in the next year. Unfortunately I cannot disclose the details of the moves being made but trust that they are MAJOR.  Candace goes on to talk about different streams of income that can be created just using social media. She went heavily into content and creativity when it comes to posts. She swears by her mantra “ Every picture should make you some money on Instagram!” Candace has a very real approach to business coaching. She is straight to the point and gains the respect of her tribe based on her honesty and how hard she works for you as long as she sees you working. Author of countless eBooks, business coach to many and social media marketing goddess, Candace leads her tribe to the finish line with business after business being born and victory after victory being celebrated!



Day two evening was spent with more technique training and relaxation massages for the women in need. Candace gave a one on one with those who had specific questions or needed feedback on an idea. She always makes herself available to her tribe especially if there’s a business or marketing idea on the table.  Today was the last day and Candace asked everyone to meet downstairs in the hotel restaurant for her long awaited “Hashtag class!”  the ladies gathered around for breakfast with their notepads ready for more!  This class is everything. She highlights how easy it is to market yourself to a different demographic just by opening your page to new hashtags. This is one of the first concepts Candace goes over when you purchase her year of coaching. She does an Instagram audit and helps you to better market yourself or your product using the appropriate hashtags. This allows you to reach more which in turn helps you grow your following, and more followers equals more money to be made!! It’s a system and #IT WORKS!!


My experience at the Spa Retreat ATL was none other than amazing. As promised, Candace delivered so much content, so much knowledge, so much motivation and so much positive energy that everyone left feeling like a BOSS. My experience in the Spa boss tribe has been welcoming and warm. Every woman who is in the tribe wants to support you, your vision, your brand. We become advocates for each other and promote for each other regularly. The retreat allowed for women to connect on a personal level, it allowed an open space for sharing the struggles of following a dream. We supported each other and even though we all come from different walks of life, that weekend, we were a family. I can’t speak for anyone else but I left with a fire in my heart. My notebook filled with idea after idea and inspiring quotes! I left feeling ready to take on my own dream and make it happen for myself.  If you haven’t already please follow all of the women mentioned above and watch their evolution from business women to BOSS women. It was my pleasure to write about and attend an event that was so well put together and left everyone satisfied. Stay tuned for her next event December 2016!!

image1 (9)





THank you Candace  and all the ladies of the Spa Boss Tribe.




2 thoughts on “Spa Retreat ATL 2017

  1. Maleke Johnson says:

    Wow! This sounds Amazing! Great Leadership! Love the post! You are growing in ways I never imagined! You are on your way to a happy and healthy future. Keep dream building and collecting all the information and inspiration you need to become an Owner! I love watching your journey and I’m going to love seeing your success story! Make it Happen!

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