I can’t stress enough how beneficial meditation is. Going within has awarded me the opportunity to become one with my mind, body and spirit. I became interested in practicing meditation after a profound experience reading Elizabeth Gilberts “Eat Pray Love ” many moons ago. 


The book takes the reader on an exploration of identity as she dives deeper and deeper into her spirit all while traveling the world. She indulges herself in Italian culture drinking fine wines and basks in the life of stillness as she explores her true self.


Unaware of what meditation really was besides just sitting quiet, I became intrigued with her journey and figured it was worth a try. After many unsuccessful attempts at quieting the mind I became frustrated that this was even something I could do. That was just it… I was so deeply trying to control something that should be left to be free and effortless. In “thinking” about the process and repeating to myself “relax, stop thinking, you’re meditating,” thoughts kept coming up that held little relevance to the present moment.


Eventually it got easier. I let go more. I felt moments of freedom even if they didn’t last long I then knew it was possible and my interest continued to peak. 5 minutes of clear space gave my mind new and exciting places to play. 5 minutes turned to 10 minutes and so on and so forth. It became my go to for clarity and peace of mind.


Each experience showed me a new level of transformative healing. Things became clear, my mind less cluttered and my body relaxed. Some of the many mental and physical benefits of meditation include decreased stress levels, improvement in brain function, improve sleep patterns, decreased anxiety, helps with depression, emotional wellbeing and increased compassion for the world around you.


The benefits are endless and vary from person to person. However, the common denominator with all who practice meditation is the power and clarity that comes with the stillness.


If you would like to start practicing meditation I recommend you start using guided meditations that can either be found in your app store or search guided meditation on you tube. Find a quiet and still space and lay in a comfortable position, focus on your breath each inhale and exhale should be intentional as you melt into relaxation. The first few times might be difficult but keep practicing and always be patient with yourself and always stay focused on your breathing, inner peace awaits.

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