Mother’s Day 2017 

We are all pieces of someone else. Genetically modified to become the creation of two spirits conjoined to create. Your nose from him,your wit from her , genetically predisposed to filter through life. With pieces  of her past and hope for his future you maneuver your way down the birth canal and find solace in finally placing a face to the boisterous voice that you recognized immediately.

For 9 months she housed you. She relinquished her rights as a human being and created space safely within her for you and you only. You were with her every waking minute of the day. You felt her pain, chuckled a little when she ate pickles and kicked a few organs around when she tried sleeping on her stomach in the middle of the night. You made the perfect roommate. Always there with her , encouraging her and uplifting her as she slowly transforms into the woman who will become your first word and favorite smile . She is your mother. 

Happy mothers a day to the women in my life near and far. 
My mother had me at 15. A baby herself she set on a journey into motherhood , her best job yet. She hid her pregnancy for 6 months, her small frame allowed her to do this without my grandmother suspecting . I came just 2 days after the start of 1987 and our journey began! Just me, mom, grandma and my aunt Just the four of us, it felt like that was all I ever needed in life 
Today 30 years later this woman is more than just a mother. She is my best friend. We grew up together . We maneuvered through life the two of us with ambition to succeed. And we did it!! 

Today we empower one another , we vent to each other and my favorite past time , we stay making each other laugh!! I’ve held her up in times uncertain and she’s been my rock to lean on when things just seem to be falling apart! She gets me. She respects me . She likes me. She loves me . 

Happy Mother’s Day to the most beautiful soul to have ever walked this planet. To her strength, her big heart, her passion for helping others, her love for God , her love of family , her love of herself,her husband and children . Today is about you and all that you have created sustained and wished for. I love you 💕 

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2017 

  1. maleke johnson says:

    This was so sweet! I loved your description of pregnancy, it made all the aches and pains a blessing! You should make a book for women! I love and adore you with everything I have! You were truly given to me at 15 from nothing bad,.it was all God giving me my first blessing from him! I love you!


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