Cotton Candy Skies


I love the way the sun hides behind the clouds just right before sunset. The shadows and hues that catch the eye; astonishing, breathtaking yet oddly familiar.  No sunset like the last, each night we are awakened if only for a moment to the mysteries of the sky. With pink iridescent streaks dancing in an orange sea, the sun salutes us farewell,whispering “good day, many blessings, goodnight.

Mother sun shows her most beautiful side every evening, each night a new dance with the sky blue. She craves the attention of men and women, old and young flocking to the edges of the earth to witness her magnificence. First kisses, I Do’s, I love you’s, long walks, intimate moments, laughter, tears, thoughts, decisions all of which are thrown to the wind as the sky presents beauty, spiritual connection, peace of mind and comfort.

I love the way the sun hides behind the clouds just right before sunset. A finale to the day’s grief, stress, irritations and short comings.  A new day awaits as a new opportunity to create, to start anew, to be bold and be your own kind of beautiful. The journey commences even moments after the sunset but we must pay tribute to the beauty that dances in our skies each night.

Stop for a moment, smile at the sunset, say thank you, pause, breathe, take it all in and let it all out. These moments quickly pass us by and soon one sunset becomes less valuable and so goes the day to day grind. The days’ blend together in cyclical routine, and life so quickly passes us by. Enjoy the little moments. The moments of quiet, the flashes of time where you can just be YOU and breathe in that moment and let it take you. The next time the sun creeps behind the clouds right before sunset…as the most perfect shade of fuchsia traces itself into the blue…. as the orange bleeds its way out of the yellow sphere sitting perfectly in the center drifting softly out of sight, say thank you, say I love you, smile and press on. Get your dose of cotton candy skies.

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