Blacks in Business Feature: Loc Girls Rock

final ig logo


FOUNDER: Zenobia A. -Loc Queen turned Entrepreneur



INSTAGRAM:  {@locgirlsrock}

Who are you? What inspired you to open your own business?

My name is Zenobia, founder of Loc Girls Rock. I was inspired to create Loc Girls Rock (LGR) because I wanted to spread positivity amongst the loc & natural hair community. When I was in the beginning stage of my loc journey, I looked to social media to connect with other women with locs. The loc-oriented IG pages I followed made me feel good about my decision to get locs.  As a result, I was motivated to create my own atmosphere where I could be the creator of joy. My hope was to create a supportive platform to inspire & empower black women with locs.


How was final ig logo born?

Loc Girls Rock was born on June 25, 2016 on Loc Appreciation day. How fitting is that!? I started an Instagram page which consisted of inspirational natural hair posts. As time progressed, I started featuring pictures of women with locs. I’m truly blessed because the Instagram page was well received and 10 months later, Loc Girls Rock has over 5,600 members. A natural hair enthusiast @ladynatrlmelanin said, “Thank you Loc Girls Rock so very much for helping all of us loc’d queens embrace our journey in such a powerful positive and ethereal way. The journey teaches us so much about our natural beautiful selves inner and out. We are loc’d and ascending spiritually, physically and mentally.”

What is final ig logomission vision and values?

The mission of Loc Girls Rock is to empower black women to rock their locs. LGR is committed to strengthening the natural hair movement by celebrating the culture & beauty of locs. There is a bias against black natural hair from the media, employers, and even men. The use of harmful chemicals and/or wearing weaves has become a norm for the black community. Therefore, this brand pays homage to women who have decided to embark upon the extraordinary journey of returning natural.

How has your loc journey been?

In the beginning, I struggled because I didn’t like how short my locs were. Once my locs started to mature, I was very happy with my decision to go natural. I felt so proud and confident to be rocking my own hair. It took me 27 years to stop wearing weaves and getting perms. Instead of concealing my hair, I am now embracing it. I am unrestricted and liberated. I recently celebrated my 2 year loc anniversary in January and I have to say I’m falling more & more in love with my locs each day. This experience has allowed me to honor my truth by embracing my authentic hair. I encourage everyone to embark upon the natural hair journey; it’s extraordinary and will transform your life. Going natural is an internal & external journey of self-discovery and love. That’s why I want the world to know why Loc Girls Rock!

Where do you hope to seefinal ig logo in 5 years?

In 5 years, I hope to see Loc Girls Rock flourishing by reaching at least 100k followers on social media. I’d like to collaborate with other natural hair supporters. All being well, will be a thriving online store, selling a vast amount of apparel and accessories. The LGR blog is going to be successful, providing great content for millions of readers. The sky is the limit so I’m open to anything and everything. Ultimately, I wish to continue to inspire black women with natural hair. I invite you all to follow the Loc Girls Rock Movement.

Any advice for those struggling to start a business?

Don’t give up. It is challenging but starting a business is a labor of love. You have to be committed and passionate about what you’re doing. Find platforms that coincide with your industry. Make Google and Youtube your best friend. Also, reach out to family and/or friends who can be of some service to you. The best advice I can give to struggling entrepreneurs is to stay in action. You’ll never know how much you can accomplish if you don’t put in the work. Action leads to results!

What’s the website and what will you be offering? provides loc inspiration and empowerment through fashion. Currently, we’re offering t-shirts but as we expand the catalog will grow. The Loc Girls Rock blog will explore the culture of locs and will be an inspirational tool to support the natural hair movement.

What legacy are you trying leave the world?

I want black women to embrace their natural hair. The social stigma against being black and natural has affected black women one way or another. My hope is to try to mend “the natural hair despair” by inspiring black women to rock their natural hair. Not only to wear it, but to own it. Love your kinks!

 What is your favorite empowerment statement for women around the world?

My favorite empowerment statement is from the book “Think & Grow Rich” by author Napoleon Hill; “No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.” This quote can be applied to many aspects in life therefore I’m to correlate this to natural hair phenomenon. The natural hair despair cannot defeat us unless we accept the defeat as a reality. Don’t let other people’s perception of beauty define yours. As a woman, it is so important for us to be devoted to nourishing our soul by honoring our truth. Love and embrace yourself even in the face of non- acceptance or criticism. We are beautiful and courageous beings so remember to never give up on your dreams and stay true to who you are. ~~Your Loc Queen Zenobia


I chose this Black Owned business to feature because the movement speaks to me. My natural hair journey began in 2012 (wow it’s been 5 years!! Sheesh) and has been quiet the adventure. Seeing a beautiful Black Queen follow her passion by creating a business that fits HER was inspiring on so many levels. She saw a niche and created a lane of her own. Yes, men and women have been wearing various versions of locs for years but the movement has gone overlooked. Zenobia created an avenue of business that is not focused on sales but EMPOWERMENT. Uplifting women throughout their journey has just been an added bonus. Her Instagram page is full of women on their own individual loc journey, inspiring natural hair quotes that she creates herself, as well as news outlets and controversy surrounding the loc and natural hair community. It has been such a pleasure to see LGR grow and flourish the way it has. Zenobia’s vision, hard work and countless hours has been well received.  The Loc community has embraced LGR with open arms and loving Locs as she ventures into merchandise developing and sales.  I cant wait to see the heights that LGR goes!! LGR will be a huge success because it was born from a passion, created with peace and honored with extreme purpose.

To get with the movement please add @locgirslrock on instagram and tell them we sent you!

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