Lately I’ve been seeing this phenomenon a lot in my world. I’ll get up on an off day to go to the kitchen and there is 11:11 on the stove clock. I’ll get in my car to head to the gym and my clock will say 11:11. At work in between massage sessions ill check my phone and bam 11:11. At first it was a little spooky that MANY times throughout my week this number would surface, then after a few days it became fun and each time I would just smile at the Universe.

Back in the day (and possibly now) seeing 11:11 on any clock prompted everyone to stop for a second and make a quick wish. I probably did this a lot in high school however I don’t remember seeing it all that often and the wishes damn sure didn’t come true.

There is no definitive explanation for this clockwork phenomenon so I’ll just break it down to what it means and has meant to ME over the last month.

The last maybe 45 days has been, rough for the lack of a better phrase. It was just insane from beginning to end. My home life became chaotic and as I faced yet another huge decision in my life and things were just all over the place in all aspects of my life.  Turning 30 and entering a new year proved to be against me during these first few months. Then, I got my mind right. I meditated, prayed, cried, talked my girls ears off and finally in the midst of the storm I made a decision and felt content about it. This is when the 11:11 phenomenon began.

“Synchronicity is an inexplicable and profoundly meaningful coincidence that stirs the soul and offers a glimpse of one’s destiny “ – Phil Cousineau

Some and when I say some I mean MANY will argue that this is just a chance sighting. Okay I’ll take that due to the fact that numbers are all around us in EVERYTHING we do.  Others will say it’s happening due to predisposition meaning you have a predisposed relationship to that number ex; it is your favorite number or a number that has some important significance to your life.  The other reason is acceleration. You may have seen this number once or twice, maybe even three times and each time your mind wondered what it meant, this in turn create an attraction to the number and it begins to show up more.

I’ve taken the synchronicity approach. Seeing this number many times over the last month or so got me really thinking.  I’ve done some research on numerology which I love. Numerology is much like astrology as it takes your birthdate and adds the numbers and gives you a “life path” number. Mine just so happens be either 11 or broken down fully a 2 (1+3+1+9+8+7=29=2+9=11 and 1+1=2.) with my life path number being 11 (or 2) this caught my attention. In my experience 11 is assign of balance. A sign that you are opening yourself to a higher consciousness and spiritual path. A spiritual awakening where you come further into WHO you are and shed old habits of who you WERE. It’s a sign to WAKE UP! To stop, breath and thank you Universe for the cosmic pat on the back that you’re doing everything you need to at this moment. It has also been known to be a sign for new beginnings, manifestation and positivity.

Whatever description you buy into or believe is your choice to make. I just know that for ME I take it as the universe telling me that I’m on the right path and things will get easier. If that small glimpse of hope on the clock continues to be a positive sign to me then I hope it continues. And if you notice little synchronizations in your day just smile and thank God, the Universe or whoever for that moment in time, for it is PRICELESS!

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