Book Review: Mandala of Being


“The Mandala of Being”- Discovering the Power of Awareness

Written by Richard Moss

I Initially purchased this book after hearing about it from an instructor during my massage program while attending healing hands school of holistic health.

The class was chakra balancing and on the first day the instructor brought in books that she thought would be beneficial  on our own healing journey while trying to facilitate healing for our clients. She passed the book around and after a quick thumbing through I knew I had to get this book.

I began reading the book April 22,2015 and quite frankly didn’t get very far. I reluctantly forced myself to piece together this knowledge that was so foreign to me at the time.

Richard moss is one of the most important teachers of transformational knowledge” -Marianne Williamson

I read maybe 1 chapter and quietly placed the book back on the shelf to revisit at a later date. I just wasn’t ready for the lesson he was providing at this very busy and transforming time in my own life.

Fast forward 2 years and many changes later I found the book while unpacking when I moved to Atlanta Georgia. Somehow this time it called to me. I placed it on my bedside table and waited for the right time to try it yet again.  December 2016 is when my journey within began and my own power of awareness began to strengthen with each page turned.

Our earliest relationship to ourselves


“It is often a TRUTH of human relationships that our early psychology betrays us: we engage in relationships in ways that only partially express our true selves. As a result, the relationships we create tend to be manifestations of where we have lost contact with ourselves.”

“When we bring to another person something innately authentic and whole within us-‘no matter how vulnerable we may feel-we create a space of relationship that…enhances our knowledge of ourselves in ways that help us to heal our old wounds because it also blesses us with greater recognition of who we really are.” Page 6

Who are we really


“Our individual consciousness determines what we are able to perceive, how we interpret our perceptions, what we value and make meaningful, and ultimately how we act.” Page 23

“It is so obvious, yet so ineffable, that most of us spend our whole lives in “default” mode, presuming our self-existence through identification with our bodies, our thinking, and our feelings instead of realizing our true authority.” Page 36

The power of awareness


“We exercise the power of awareness and strengthen our spiritual muscle by bringing ourselves, over and over and sin, into the immediate present, to do so we must become present with what we are feeling and thinking. “page 41

“We must be truly willing to experience our feelings and clearly see out thoughts without reaction, allowing the moment to be exactly as it is without defending ourselves against these feelings and thoughts, without our minds moving away into further thought.” Page 43


The above-mentioned quotes come directly from the reading. As an active reader (one who highlights, underlines and makes little notes to myself while reading) these are quotes of information that spoke directly to me at the time. The power of open understanding plays a huge role in the concepts mentioned throughout the reading.

The power of awareness in my experience is seen through the cultivated and mastered relationship with self. Developing a relationship with one’s true self devoid of any stories of the past or worry of the future, places you at the exact moment presence and clear understanding.

I’ve used the exercises in his book to gain further understanding of my true self and the stores I’ve told myself in the past about who I am, how I should react and how I should feel at any given moment. He highlights that our memories are those that hold us in a particular “holding environment” that keeps us inadvertently “stuck” and continuing to react from the same places of hurt, disappointment which encapsulates our true selves into a cycle of self-destruction. By reconnecting with the breath as he explains. The journey through this timeless read has been rewarding, challenging and furthermore liberating from past experiences that have come to the surface. Each moment we have in this life we have to power to CHOOSE what reaction to have to certain situations. By staying connected to the breath and repeating either silently or out loud “here I am” one can always return to the center of self and slow the reaction time.

“The word mandala comes from ancient Sanskrit and means circle … the circle represents the intrinsic wholeness of the self, which naturally sustains within itself the fundamental tensions of opposing forces, such as chaos and order, masculinity and femininity. ” Richard Moss

“The mandala of being reminds us that inherent in being human are the forces that distract who we really are from the calm of who we can be. Richard moss’s formula for coming back to the present is a process we can all achieve.” –Anthony Robbins



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