10 ways to check yo’self



I find it necessary to do a self-evaluation every few weeks, months and every few years. I do this to evaluate whether I’m on track to reaching my goals as well as growing in the direction I need to to reach said goals.  Roaming through life without really checking in with one’s self is a recipe for self-destruction. Just think of it as  GPS or a road map. When driving to an unknown destination it is important to pull up the map to get complete directions on how to get there. It is also important not only to listen to the prompts but to glance at the map every so often to make sure you are on track. Your life should be no different.

If you are anything like me, you tend to keep a busy schedule.  With work, clients, a home to tend to and a developing business, it’s so easy to get lost in your schedule. Getting lost in “stuff” can easily take you away from your true purpose in life. My life’s mission is to continue to evolve in all areas of my life. It’s important for me NOT to get stuck in my ways that may be detrimental to my growth. I know many that can relate but very few that really look at their reflection with intentions to grow.

Growth often pushes and pulls us in directions that more than likely create an extremely uncomfortable environment. Relationships will suffer, anger may come easier than normal and creativity will likely be halted. These are all signs that your spirit is ready to transcend  beyond what it is used to. You my friend are ready to GROW!!  Here are some questions and writing prompts I use to help get my thoughts in order and in so many words, CHECK myself! Hope you find them helpful and insightful as you go through your journey!! do this daily or weekly whatever suits you! Make this writing prompt fun and try to be as objective as possible and be completely honest!! Happy Journaling!!

1.Did I pay attention to the people around me?

2.Am I stuck on a bad yesterday?

3.Did I work on my character today?

4.Did I work on my habits?

5.Did I allow anger to consume me today?

6.Did I exercise today?

7.Did I show signs of suffrage or strength today?

8 . Did I tell myself I love myself and my life and what it’s become ?

9.What possibilities did I create today?

10.What is standing in my way for THIS moment to the next moment of possibility?

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