Forever 44



I sat on my couch after a long day of work and tuned in to see our favorite forty-fourth give his farewell  speech to the nation. Although I was on my own couch in the comforts of my own home, the energy of the room was captivating.  The Obama Administration was the very first election I ever had the privilege of voting in. At just the tender age of 18 years old I marched into the voting booth and with tears in my eyes and a fire in my heart and voted for our 44th President Mr. Barrack Obama.

There he stood alone on what will soon become his last days as the FIRST African American President of the United states. He stood alone up there delivering amazement with each word he spoke. That smile, those eyes and the slick black hair that we watched turn to grey over the last 8 years,quickly put him into a category in many of our hearts as nothing else but family. His undertone was sincere and direct as his patriotism shined through. “America is a nation of great values.”  He spoke of his accomplishments as well as the many struggles he faced, not to mention the backlash he endured just for being a black man in power. “The long sweep of America has been defined by forward motion, a constant widening of our founding creed to embrace all.” He spoke of the past, he spoke highly of the future and gave instructions that proved to be motivating for present times. He assured us all that no matter what he has faith in the American way that will not be shaken much like our forefathers. As he joins his brothers in sisters in society as a citizen he promised to continue to fight alongside us just as he’s always done. As the speech commenced, we got some much-needed laughs as the uncertainty of the future of this country bares an immense weight. This foreshadowed fright was even visible as cameras panned a very stoic audience. “Our youth and drive, our diversity and openness, our boundless capacity for risk and reinvention mean that the future should be ours.”   We were also challenged. He challenged us in a way that leaves no room for stagnation or complacency. He challenged us to do exactly what he did which was stand up, get active and bring about change despite the many “no’s” and the many doors that quickly shut. He highlighted the future generations of creative minds and of entrepreneurs finding their peace in owning their own business.  “Or Democracy… needs you. Not just when there’s an election… but over the full span of a lifetime.”

Then came a tribute to his wife. “Michelle… over the last 25 years… you have been my best friend.” THIS moment was a moment I will never forget. “Michelle LaVaughn Robinson from the Southside.” The camera spanned to Michelle and Malia and there it was. A moment of these two souls locked in eye to eye. Although far in distance the energy exchange with just one look was nothing short of enchanting.  His rock, his partner, his Forever First lady, he spoke of her in a way that spoke volumes and pulled on the heart strings of all viewers. Then came the tear. I just about lost it when he wiped his tear. To be able to witness a man of his power speak of his Queen in such a manner of respect, undeniable love and gratitude was a breath of fresh air. She looked deep into his soul and with a slight smile she thanked him and mouthed how much she loves him as she embraced their eldest daughter. The entire moment was emotional as the crowd gave her yet another standing ovation. Michelle Obama has been the epitome of class and perseverance as the back bone of the man we’ve all come to love and respect. She is the reason we as women have embraced the essence that we’ve adopted as Black girl magic. “A new generation sets its sights higher because it has you as a role model.”

We say farewell to a freedom that we probably won’t see for a while in this country. We are uncertain, some are scared and many are concerned for what the future of this country will become but together we will fight. Barack Obama, his family and his administration solidified an energy of the country that was personable and exciting. We were invited into the white house with such acceptance and invited into the hearts of the first family as if we were one of their own. I will miss seeing his gorgeous smile gracing covers and making history. He will always be my president he will always be our Forever 44.  “All of you out there…every one of you… every American who lives and breathed the hard work of change…you are the what makes America great.” Well Mr. president we feel the same way about you. God Bless.

3 thoughts on “Forever 44

  1. maleke johnson says:

    That was amazing! I couldn’t of said it better!It felt amazing to have him by our people’s side. Not just the African American side but the side of the middle income families. We are all different races but in the same category! People need to understand that! It was an honor to see that love within his family and for families they can’t reach..I will deeply miss them, but have learned during this 8 yrs that they have put us in a place to improve our own homes and lets not forget our neighbors! We are of all different shapes and colors, but we have one thing in common, we are middle income families who now have a voice!!! Let’s dream big and take our families to success!!


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