Kick your Sick ( in 2 days)


Just days after my 30th birthday I woke up for a 6 am shift and felt the God-awful tingle in my throat. I’ve made it 7 months here without getting sick and before I began to sing my praises here it came in all its germy glory. It started with a scratchy throat and as I drove into work I felt the energy draining with each breath I took.

I got to work and suffered through the day. Massage here, stretch there and less and less energy as the day went on. I was killing my body trying to give relief to my clients, all the while I was the one in desperate need of relief myself.  The day commenced and as soon as two o’clock rolled around I was out of there.

When I arrived home, I couldn’t get in bed fast enough however I knew I had to do something to tackle my current ailments. As many who know me may know I am a holistic health practitioner and found my life’s purpose researching and implementing more holistic remedies into my lifestyle. I am a firm believer in the body’s natural ability to heal so off to the kitchen I went.

In the fridge, I found ginger, 100% pineapple juice, garlic and lemons. In the cabinet was apple cider vinegar, honey, cinnamon cayenne and powdered turmeric. I quickly cut up everything and tossed them into the blender and watched the chop knowing at any minute my legs would give way. I’ll get into the details of exactly how much of each was put into this self-proclaimed “sick sauce.” I poured the sauce into my cup and retreated off to bed and slept for 2 hours.

As my body began to ache and my joints began to creek I stumbled off to the kitchen to pour another glass of the sauce and went back to bed and repeated this every 3 or so hours into the night. Day 1.

Day 2 came with less body aches but with awful head congestion and soreness in my neck. I stayed home from work that day to give my body a full day of uninterrupted rest and lots of sick sauce. I drank the concoction throughout the day and progressively felt better as we awaited a snow storm that never came. Day 3 came and I was good to go back to work so I marched on! My energy was up, body aches down and sneezes came every breath. Even though sneezing can become a tiresome and monotonous act I felt great that my body was readily expelling the germs that TRIED to take me down!! Upon leaving work my partner expressed that he also felt the same symptoms so off I went to whip up another concoction to help him kick it and kick it fast! To his surprise (not mine because I know this stuff works) he woke up feeling great, no aches, no pain and no sickness!

I believe that we have all we need to sustain a healthy existence in our cabinet, kitchens and pantries. All of the items contain huge benefits that ill list below and worked well with restful sleep to fight off the pain in the midst of what’s been the coldest days of winter yet. My body healed itself and gave me a chance to take time out for myself to heal properly. The ingredients of the “Sick Sauce” are as follows;

Ginger  ¼ cup (cut) –  improves circulation, anti- inflammatory, clears sinus, strengthens immune system, infection fighter

Lemon—   1 whole  – alkalizes the body, asthma treatment,detoxifies, hydrates lymph system, strengthens immune system, reduces inflammation, liver detox

Cayenne pepper –1 tsp—fights cold and flu, detoxifies, anti-fungal, prevents allergies, great source of vitamin A and E.
Garlic— 1 tbsp. (minced)—strengthens immune system, ANTIBIOTIC, improves circulation, wards off cough and colds, aids the respiratory system, sore throat remedy.

Pineapple juice –¼ cup w/ pineapple chunks—reduce inflammation, ANTIBACTERIAL,  Vitamin C B6, contains bromelain an enzyme that has anti inflammatory properties.

Turmeric — 1 tsp –anti inflammatory,antibiotic, antioxidant, aids in cough/asthma control

Honey— (raw or organic) 1-2 tbsp – anti bacterial, anti-fungal, boosts immune system, antioxidant, soothes sore throat.

Cinnamon— 1 tbsp anti oxidant, anti inflammatory,fights diabetes, fights infections and viruses, helps fight allergies,

Apple Cider Vinegar—1/2 cup –detox, clear sinuses, soothes sore throat, digestive aid.

Water–1 cup –hydration!duh!  and to dilute this very spicy yet effective concoction

All of these items together created the very perfect storm for my two day sickness. Also note I did 1 tbsp of honey and cinnamon together as a “natural cough syrup.” Today I feel energetic, strengthened and ready to face another beautiful week of massage.  Keep in mind that all of this coupled with quality rest, lots of fluids and BELIEVING in your body you can fight anything that comes your way!!!

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