Stand Tall


This is a time in the United States where we must encourage our young brothers to pull up their pants and encourage our young women to walk tall and with PURPOSE. The time is now that we must wake up and free ourselves from mental slavery of ourselves.

We’ve become complacent in our revolution. Having a black president allowed us to be proud of who we are, it showed our youth that ANYTHING is possible and it made being black in America a moment in time that soon became priceless. We have fought tooth and nail and to the bone for rights within this country that far surpass what any of our ancestors had in mind. Today there is a very different tone in the society that is America.


With a new Administration underway we are faced with an awakening that none of us could have ever predicted. The test is now. We have to show up, take care of our families, watch over our brethren and focus on how to build OUR communities during this time of uncertainty.


It is not a time to sit back and watch politicians do the same song and dance. It’s not a time for turning the other cheek. It’s a time of staying ready so you don’t have to get ready. It’s a time for progressive ideas and movement! We have to stand up and stand tall no matter the circumstance no matter who the president is. I am pledging from this day forward to smile at my brothers and sisters in passing, I vow To speak with eloquence and certainty, to take chances and shock myself. I vow to encourage our youth and praise our men and tell our sisters how beautiful they are. Change in the black community begins with a single mindset to change. This movement of change is FOR US BY US. Embrace it. 


One thought on “Stand Tall

  1. maleke johnson says:

    Yes I agree! We have to get back to the saying. ..Do on to others as you want them to do onto you! That saying says it all!! If you want respect, give it, if you want a smile, give one, if you want love, learn how to give it the right way, and most of all, if you want a blessing, pray!! My opinion, the world makes it difficult, we all can be selfish and then blame the system of things..


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