Sisterhood Storm


There was a time in my life where struggles seemed inevitable. The walls would close in around me and life would bear this immense weight. I learned to surrender later in life but this particular time the world seemed like such a scary place for such a fragile soul. I looked around at my surroundings and saw the strength of my mother. How did she possess such grace? How did she get up each morning to fight the day so effortless then lay her head to sleep and fall so easily? Meanwhile my night-time routine included battling the anxiety of the day. Mindful thoughts that plagued me on the daily. I’d look at my friends. My rock many times. My best friend was the strongest woman I knew. She was strong in her spirit and knew exactly who she was early on. Meanwhile I struggled with finding myself and wondered how she did it. She was the epitome of all the things I knew a young woman to be.  How did she do it? How could I do it? How could I survive like my sister did? Like my mother? How?

In a recent trip home to California I found the answer to a question I didn’t know had been posed. How could sisters be going through the same storm without knowing the remedy lied through the bond of sisterhood? 

I left California on a search of self. I’ve always had this knack for exploration and adventure. My soul often craves new and exciting experiences. The taste of NEW guided me on many of my most exciting encounters. I had high expectations for this move that fell tremendously short just one month into the NEW. 

I had to venture home. I had to reconnect . I had to free myself in efforts to save myself. So back to Cali I went for a visit. I surprised my friends individually by  carefully coordinating each surprise. Each one cried tears of joy and excitement. That in itself lifted my heart to much higher spirits and provided me with a sense of joy I’d missed the last few months. 

Then came girl time. We celebrated two Virgo birthdays that weekend. We began to share our lives in a way that we hadn’t done in a while. Let me remind you that even though distance separates us we speak everyday in various group chats ranging from social media to video chat. The personal hell I’d been going through was unbeknownst to them as was there’s to me. We spoke daily of positivity , plans , family and wanting more for our lives. Little did each of us know, we all were going through some sort of storm with our significant others. 

To my surprise the universe worked it out that I visit at the exact time where we needed each other. Face to face we needed the strength of our sisters to begin anew. I had no idea they were going through the triumphs they were. For me, there I was alone , in a new state struggling to adjust, resisting the adjustment. 

The most beautiful surprise was the one I received. I saw with my own two eyes how these beautiful women did it. How they fought and continued to honor their truth and decided that no matter what our sisterhood would not be shake . It was strengthened and became a safe place for sharing, venting and love. 

Our sisterhood storm was one that we each faced separately but somehow the universe connected our experiences so we could heal each other. 

I received the best gift of healing during that visit. It led me to believe in myself and my ability as a woman to persevere and conquer what comes up against me. Being able to let loose with the girls and speak without fear of judgement was the most rewarding factor of our time together. 

Our lives changed drastically with my departure from California and my best friends departure to LA. However our journeys will forever be intertwined. We went from weekly happy hour to weekend fun to long distance friendship. 

I returned home two weeks later. My mindset had drastically changed. I felt like ME again. I felt more in control and secure with who I am. I felt the strength of my sisters . I felt the strength of my mother and father. I felt the strength of the universe pulling me back to my light. I surrendered. I prayed. I meditated and adopted daily rituals to keep the momentum going and it WORKED. 

I say all of this to say that underestimating the struggles of another often places limits on our own healing process. You never know what others are going through. The most beautiful souls often put a smile on for the world in order to save face and be the voice of positivity, however may be battling very real life circumstances. Our sisterhood storm cleared soon after, the sun came shining and life didn’t seem so hard. Needless to say, My sisters saved me that weekend. 

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