Remember the magic



Remember that first Disneyland trip? Or your first Christmas? The smell of egg nog and peppermint that filled the house? Family chatter that often ended in laughter to the point of tears.


Now think back to your first kiss? The fear of the unknown.. will I do it right? Will he/she flow with me? What will I feel after? And then it happens. Your lips touch in the sweetest moment of energy exchange and passion. Remember that feeling of a light entering your body and awakening your dormant cells. Remember the warmth you felt as you tongues danced to the sweet serenade of intimacy in the flesh. Remember that? That’s what we call magic. 


Perhaps your magical day came when your found out you were pregnant with your first child? The excitement and immediate rush of emotion fueling your days, the uncertainty of life brewing within your growing belly. The attention you received from onlookers because carrying life is simply beautiful and attractive.


Now fast forward to the first time you kiss your sweet baby’s lips and caresss his/her hair. Remember what love feels like without tarnished views of the world. The innocence that prevails in a soft cry and the immediate attraction to another human without knowing anything about them. That.. is magic. 


I draw upon these memories to create a vivid picture of your very own magic show. A time and a place with scents so vivid and sights so serene. It was your safe place . A place where the world couldn’t touch you , all that mattered was that moment at THAT time. 

 Somewhere along the line of school, grad school, work, another dead end job, lost friendships, dying loved ones and a political shit storm we call an election.. that magic disappeared. 

It got buried under disappointment and hid behind fear as it seemingly fizzled away and life became.. well life. 


I’m here to challenge and change your views about your unfolding life and the advice is simple. REMEMBER THE MAGIC. Lift and pull the magic up from its burial spot and let it be free yet again. Those memories you drew on above helped to ignite that spark that would soon fuel the fire within. REMEMBER THE MAGIC. Try to remember the last time you beamed with joy or the last time you fed your soul a dose of acceptance and love. Remember when life actually felt good as excitement awaited. 

Children have it easy and the concept remains simple. Most Children have little concept of the future and a foggy memory of the past  so that leaves the one and only present moment to be savored til the very last drop. 


REMEMBER THE MAGIC!! Remember everything and everyone that brings you joy and name these magic moments daily. Soon enough magic moments will navigate towards you with little effort. There’s magic in all that we do, see, hear, smell and taste! Every moment is just as sweet as the last and even sweeter than the future. Embrace it!!


The magic in and around us allows us to create space for new and exciting adventures so adventure on! Let the child in you come to light and create magical moments every single day. Live a life of wanderlust , smile at the mirror each day , smile at others, pay it forward, laugh at yourself  and most of all celebrate the little victories and NEVER FORGET THE MAGIC! 




One thought on “Remember the magic

  1. maleke johnson says:

    Yes this was great! I remember the times when I just did ME and didn’t worry so much about what people thought. I raised my kids the way I thought was best . That attitude was my magic. I succeeded in so many things. Life hit me with deaths and my attitude changed! I became afraid of life and loosing! You brought my magic back by reading this and praying. Thank you..It was good to reminisce how I once was, tear a little, and prayed for my strength and magic..


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