As 2016 comes to an screeching halt we find ourselves reminiscing on the memories of days past. We visualize what we hope  for the future and indulge in activities that persuade us just to eat drink and be merry. And so I pray.

I pray for inspiration daily. To be moved so violently by a beautiful sunset or conversations overheard. I prayed for openness in my heart and strength in my vision to push on daily despite the urge to just get by and do nothing. Unfortunately my spirit won’t allow for stagnation.

I pray for peace daily. I pray for friends and family afar as each day passes, I pray they rock their journeys and honor their truths no matter what. With peace comes little resistance to change. With peace comes presence and that to which we do boldly seek. With peace brings PURPOSE . Quieting the mind and finding peace in the broken pieces allows for clarity in one’s mind body and spirit. And so I continue to pray.

I pray for wholeness daily. I pray that my body continues to restore itself as I believe in my body’s ability to heal naturally. I pray for alignment within my spirit . To remove anything that is not pure or wholesome to be removed and re vamped with nourishment and love. And so I pray.

I pray for my mother, I pray for my father. I pray for her strength and overall well being as her roots dig deep into my heart. I pray that she sees the queen in her in every step and in every way. I pray that the pieces of her that hurt heal themselves entirely and she step into her unique purpose of being more than  just my mother. I pray that her soul speaks to the mystical avenue of the skies. I pray that her heart be so pure that the spirit can do nothing else but answer her prayers and fill her world with favor. I pray for my father  that he be righteous in his kingdom as he continues to protect his queen. I pray for his strength to never be altered. I pray for his presence in my life for the connection we’ve developed over time ,ultimately I pray for his beautiful soul.

I pray each day to free myself from the Noise in society , I pray because it feels good, I pray for animals, I pray for strangers Ive probably prayed for you lol I pray because the world needs more prayer, more affirmations more quiet more love, more LIGHT… and so I pray!

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