Genderless Lovers


The day started off early. Up early, do the hair, brush my teeth , get in the car, go. I set out on a trip home to San Diego California after 3 months of living in the south. Culture shock yes but nonetheless I embraced it as best as I could. I needed to venture home to restore reconnect and reassure myself that I’d made the right move. I set my intentions on reconnecting with my being and restoring the love for my partner that I had seemingly felt so disconnected to.

I flew God awful Spirit airlines. It was the affordable option and the most convenient and hey I had all the time in the world for a day of traveling so I booked. I arrived to the airport on time, kissed my beloved good bye and off I went. Checked my bag in with ease and I trampled off to the main security checkpoint. Ah no line I walked right through! Enjoyed a quick exchange with the friendly TSA gentlemen about the stones around my neck! He asked what they were I revealed so joyful and proud “amethyst and rose quartz mostly used for protection!” He replied with great joy and excitement telling me about the black tourmaline he keeps on him for his very intense and strenuous job’! We exchanged a moment of joy and I pressed on! I failed to tell him that not only do these stones offer protection but strength to my aching heart chakra! And forgot to mention how I’d lost them in the move and yearned for them only to find them at the bottom of a purse randomly one day before my trip! Ah the universe answers again!

Made it to my gate, and made it on my plane and sat down in relief to be finally going home to familiar place! I’ll save you the details of why I had to de board the plane…let’s just cut to it and say this flight was cancelled. If you’ve ever flown spirit in a pinch, then you understand exactly what happened and why it’s not worth the details. Hmmph .

Next plane which happens to be the same plane I just got off just 60 people short! There we were 8 chosen passengers from the previous cancelled flight (are you following?!) on this rerouted flight to Dallas Texas then on to San Diego. There I sat tired, restless yet surprisingly calm I finally closed my eyes to sleep.

I found myself uncomfortable (spirit issues yet again) and sat facing these two very nice women across from me. We had been in line together and they held the same reservations about switching planes as I did. At first glance it just seemed like two friends on an adventure together just trying to save face in the midst of the chaos.

As I veered closer into their interactions I could tell this was more. These were two women possibly late 30s early 40s totally in love with one another. They sat together talking looking deep into the others eyes hand in hand embracing whatever we were in for together. They almost looked like sisters which tells me they probably have been together for a while. This idea dates back to the old saying ” when you’re with someone long enough you begin to look alike.” They energy of these two was captivating! Something about their love despite them being women drew me in completely! I wanted to study how they embraced each other, how they looked at each other how they communicated. I wanted to study but not look like a creeper in their eyes. Love was happening right in from of my eyes and It was happening in ways not including your normal PDA. It was genuine, It wasn’t complicated, it did not brag or boast it was real and it was beautiful.

Next leg of our flight included a 4.5-hour layover in Dallas Texas. When we got off the plane we all went our separate ways. I to a little restaurant to eat and charge up and them… Not too sure. I came back to my connecting gate pulled out my lap top to work (got bored) and then pulled out my knitting supplies and got bored again! Hour 1.

After a few phone calls from friends I look up and see them sitting directly across from me snuggled together awaiting the next 3.5 hours. Her head nestled into her chest and her head resting peacefully on her forehead. A perfect puzzle piece. They got what little sleep they could and awoke smiling and content. They began talking yet again, completely engaged, no cell phone use no distractions of the busy terminal. Just them in their world sharing in their love. Again, this energy drew me in.

We exchanged a few smiles back and forth more so a silent affirmation that we feel each other’s pain of this insane travel day. No matter what went on they always seemed content because the other was right there to weather the storm. The travel day commenced and finally we were able to board our last leg and again they were seated right across from me. Their connection never wavered as they leaned on each other figuratively and physically and that was the most beautiful site to see.

Why this meant so much to me… I’m a firm believer in the universe being forever faithful and forthcoming with whatever it is your consciousness needs to evolve. It could be something you need to overcome, something you need to see or hear or just something you need to feel in order to restore order in your mind body and spirit. Today I saw love. Not in the traditional right wing way. I saw love the way I knew it to be as a child, ageless , colorless and beautiful. I saw love that I didn’t have to be a part of to feel. The energy of these women ignited a fire within me that spoke to me in ways at first I could not explain. I’ve struggled with the state of my current relationship with my beloved. We’ve been having a hard time restoring that love we first had when we met 4 years ago in Vegas. After sustaining a long distant relationship for many years and finally making that jump to be together in the same city, these beautiful souls helped me to feel that yet again. I find it no coincidence that I flew spirit airlines, perhaps my spirit needed restoration. I find it no coincidence that I had many delays maybe the universe was screaming that I needed to practice patience. I find it no coincidence that I was placed in the same realm of these two beautiful women… maybe the universe was telling me to continue to believe in love and let it guide me.

On this long 24th day of August and believe me it has been long, I find myself inspired by these two women who may never know what they’ve been to me. They may never know that their simple displays of affection drew me in energetically and helped to open my heart to my own beloved. I write this mid flight because I was inspired, the words just flowed from mind to Iphone notepad I had to get it out.

I write to say that life isn’t always black and white there will be shades of grey and hues of green and some purple too. It’s important to listen to what the universe is telling you, pay attention to the signs as big or small as they may be and learn to be patient in your process. I set out for a visit home and in the process, I went inward and opened my heart. Thank you, lovely ladies, for always letting love win.

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