Angry Black Woman


Contrary to popular belief I am NOT AN ANGRY BLACK WOMAN


“You’re sassy”

“Ugh so much attitude”

Contrary to popular belief saying things like this will do the exact opposite of its intention. Contrary to popular belief.. I am NOT an angry black  woman!! Have you ever stopped to think of the struggle and strength it takes to be a woman in today’s society?? Now multiply that by x100. There you have it the daily life of a black woman in America.

“The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.”  Malcolm X  May 22, 1962.

Fast forward just 54 years later and this still rings true. The black woman of today’s generation holds the DNA resemblance of ALL Of the women that have come before her. We were born leaders yet never looked at as queens, we fell behind the male influence. We took on the struggles of our men, protecting and providing for the household. We held the children up caring for them before ourselves. When we speak it is gold spewed from the supple lips of the motherland. We are strong , smart and committed to our heritage, yet why are we forgotten about and labeled as just another angry black woman.

Perhaps I am angry because my voice often gets misconstrued for aggressiveness when in reality it is passionate  overflow of emotion. Perhaps it is  the blood boiling rage of the Emmet Tills mother  that  runs through me for we are connected, her struggle also mine. Or maybe the anger stems from the exhaustion of Ms. Rosa Parks on the day she braved the front of the bus. As a black woman I am strategic in my life’s efforts just as Harriet Tubman was in her escape. Angela Davis taught us to be revolutionary and fight the system of oppression while speaking her mind and causing a stir during the civil rights movement.

You see a come from a lineage of strength one not to be measured nor ignored. What you perceive as angry I perceive as beauty. Every one of the women mentioned above is within me. She breaths life into my being and I move through this jungle of life with a blue print of how to survive. We were not built to be soft , hell even our First Lady Michelle has a sort of Jena se qua that can only be described as that Black Girl Magic.

Malcolm X knew that in 1962 the image of the black woman was tainted and today we see the same patterns. However, today we as a people recognize  that our Queendoms await. Although we hurt deep for our black men in the wake of police brutality. We pray for black youth on the brink of a life changing election and fight to be more than what society wants us to believe. We’ve taken back our name and began calling ourselves Goddesses and Queens and began to uplift ourselves in hopes of spreading our truth through our communities. We wear our hair natural, we take care of our bodies and mental health and only accept positive and uplifting vibes. We are determined not to let another 54 years go by without proving to ourselves that we are more than just a label. We are queens in every right and contrary to popular belief  we are NOT ANGRY BLACK WOMEN.

One thought on “Angry Black Woman

  1. maleke johnson says:

    You are absolutely right, we have the strength that 10 men can’t provide. We are now the head of our families, by bringing love, friendships, respect, income, and stability back into the house. We learned to balance out households not just provide for them. God say men are the head , well woman are the neck..Lol..We have to know our value in this world !!!


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