Chapter 29


SO, here’s the thing… I have no idea what Is going to happen. I have no idea where my next paycheck will come from or my next form of unexplained intense excitement will come from. Right about now the only excitement in my day is getting excited about waking up before 1 pm., yet here I am, in all my chaotic glory.

My life at 29 years old has been a whirl wind of change, adaptation, orgasms, laughter and undeniable strength. This is the moment that it all counts. Chapter 29 isn’t about starting anew but figuring out how the last few chapters will shape what the next few will become. Rebirth, I’d like to call it but that implies that the slate is wiped clean. Clean of error and clean of triumph. I’m just not prepared to lose the woman I fought so hard to be, I’m not prepared to discredit all the tears, the pain and the many elements of ugly that have made this beautiful bird come to light.

Brave bird (that’s you), this is my story of maneuvering through life in a way that is so articulate yet so deranged that it may make you flinch, I take that risk with great stride… OR brave bird, it will make you think it will make you understand that you too have it in you to be brave… to be righteous…to be YOU.

I speak from a place of healing, a place that allows me to be honest with myself and with you. I am owning my truth along with my journey in hopes of creating a force within YOU brave bird to spread your wings to fly high and to fly mighty. Here we GO!!


One thought on “Chapter 29

  1. maleke johnson says:

    I love this! You are amazing! This is therapy for you and you are going to touch a lot of hearts. You are going to help people grow the healthy way which is what’s missing today.. I am growing and learning about life and learning about myself through you, with no medicine needed. This is your purpose!!!


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