Finding Freedom


“If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.” -Maya Angelou (The Heart of a Woman)

Honor. Truth. Ideas turned to action. These are all elements of a divine order meant to guide you. The soul is a complicated measure of magic, disorganized thought and an essence that only you can feel. On one hand one our soul wants to be fed, satisfied, quenched you name it. Each day of our waking life the soul needs nourishment and we must provide. For it is written.

I’ve soul searched a few times in my life. Some journeys took minutes others years but the goal has always been the same. Align myself with a likeness of what my spirit craves and feel a sense of utter satisfaction. Euphoria.

This current journey that I am on May take a bit longer than anticipated but I’m locked and loaded and ready to learn.

I’ve always liked to think of “a soul” as an essence, a calling or a truth that not only felt good inside it looked good on the outside. For me, it was standing in my truth no matter the cause or effect. Standing firm and unshaken  I nurtured the God in me . It was mid week pedicures, first time facials, reading all the books by my favorite author, it was painting hues onto a canvas and gifting it to a friend , it was meditation, it was nature, it was wind chimes blowing in the wind, it was capturing a humming bird mid flight, it was smiling at a stranger , it was strangely, oddly and beautifully me.

All of these things mentioned above I did and felt amazing! I smiled bigger my eyes brighter and one day I noticed a light. An aura of some sort that surrounded my being in each photo a passionate peacefulness that came to rest within that I embraced at every chance. Once I saw it, I began to feel it. To really listen to my soul(self) and give it what it needed. It wanted joy. It wanted joy all the time morning noon and night. It was inherently the happiest part of me that had been buried for so long. It was the part of me that society belittled because it couldn’t manipulate into self-doubt and self-hate. It was the party of me that was caged and was finally being let free.

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