I met my sister in 7th grade. We shared a PE class and subsequently the same English class. In our adult life we both acknowledge the distaste for one another when we first met. However, the Universe had other plans we were unaware of.

We grew. We grew as young adults going through the dramas of the teen years. Adulthood awaited us at the finish line of high school. Me jumping into the rigorous workforce at 18 years old, and she jumping head first into a lifestyle of adventure, exciting experiences and meeting new people. We never strayed from the friendship however we lived very different lives. There was always those early morning or late night check in calls where I’d make sure she’s okay and she’d say I’m overworking that I should be enjoying life and freedom from high school. Note taken. Life marched on.

Nuptials, a few bad boyfriends, a handful of bad friends, immense hangovers all while pushing through community college we found adulthood to be this never-ending culmination of modern day slavery, hatred and entrapment. Each day marched on and our happy hour vent sessions came far more often. What did we sign up for? And how do we get out? Work and paying bills quickly became a monotonous cycle that each of us knew couldn’t last another 60 years.

In the beginning our catch-up sessions would mostly include last weekend’s plan, this weekend’s plans, what guys we’re seeing, haters, drama and how much we hate working. TODAY, however the conversations have shifted drastically and I couldn’t be more proud of who we’ve become.  We speak about deeper issues in our lives, healing, finding peace and relishing in positivism. We’ve coached each other through out traumatic instances in our lives and remained loyal to our sisterhood.

Our conversations as of late are what I like to call BOSSIP or  Business Gossip. Gossip that doesn’t hurt or demean anyone, gossip that is informative and suggestive, gossip that is positive in every right. Law of attraction, motivation speakers, positivity and plans of action are all amongst the topics we discuss on a weekly basis. It’s exciting to have someone that can relate on your minds wavelength. The exchange of ideas flow effortlessly and allow for new ideas to enter. Insights exchanged and pure and honest testimony to the powers of the law of attraction. It’s a breath of fresh air in a world drowning in negativity.  Her growth over the last few years astounded me and I made sure to let her know how proud and excited I am for her. It’s truly been an inspiration and blessing to have someone you can relate with on matters relating to business, love and life in general. I didn’t know I would meet my sister in the 7th grade, hell I didn’t know I’d have a best friend for life. Despite all of life’s circumstance I thank God that our paths crossed and the Universe saw fit for us to continue our journey through sisterhood. Until our next bossip session, your sister.

“We have been friends together in sunshine and in shade.” – Caroline Norton

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